Photo Credits: Jeannie Selda (Taken in 2016)

“Aging requires agreement.”
Jennifer Hough

You don’t get to have the infinite energy available in the Universe running through your body, unless you choose these 3 things. My biological age went from 52 to 39 in less than a year.

Did you know that I almost left my body three different times? Once when I was born (a viral infection), once when I got exposed to toxins that almost killed me, and finally when I had meningitis (which was brutal). Not to mention there was a point in my life that emotionally, it really felt like it was time for me to leave. Yet I found a way to choose to stay. And not just stay, but so much more.

Each time, I really got to see that I am not willing to simply survive; I am only willing to thrive. Period. But each time, I got exhausted by what happened. Exhausted. No amount of sleep helped me to get my energy back.

Covid has been emotionally and physically that way for many.

So, the first thing to choose is to not just live, but to THRIVE. Your body responds biochemically, based on your choice to be here with bells on, by opening to the energy to do that. If you choose, your cells must follow.

The second thing to do to experience endless, consistent energy is about your sleep. Sleep needs to be regenerative, not just restorative. This coming Sunday, I’ll be talking about how to experience that in an upcoming interview.

The third thing to do is around restoring the vibrancy to two glands in your body, completely naturally. It doesn’t even take long; it simply takes action.

Why just “get by,” when we deserve to have and experience more than enough? This is overflow!

With love,