Get Out of Your Own Way Success and Abundance

A 1-Day LIVE Online Interactive Program with Jennifer Hough. ​Understand the essential, first step to the new operating system of thriving so that distractions don’t take you off path… and so you are consistently in flow and clarity.

1 Day LIVE Online Interactive Program
August 1, 2020
TIME: 9:00AM – 5:30PM ET
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Wanted to say that I am so excited I am finally “living” my life and not waiting for life to begin. What a blessing it is to realize that no matter what, everything is going to be okay… what peace it brings me. And with this I am open to see all the miracles in my life. Most importantly I realize that the universe has already blessed me with the most wonderful miracles … my husband and my kids… everything else is a bonus.

M. | Teacher and Mom