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Our Favorite People

When it comes to the amazing people that have joined us at The Wide Awakening (either online, in retreats, or as part of our team), everyone is a ‘favorite.’ This page is for those who have gone through all our programs and graduated from Flight School and Wings. If you are part of this group and have a business you’d like to promote, fill out this form and we’ll review and get you listed on the site.

Please learn more about all ‘Our Favorite People’ below.

With so much love,
Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team

Crossman Communication LogoSusan Crossman
Crossman Communications

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Susan Crossman is a veteran writer whose businesses are built around the privilege of helping people communicate more clearly so they can consciously build relationships, achieve goals and generate revenue.

Through Crossman Communications and Content with Clarity, Susan and her team develop online content marketing programs that might include blogging, social media marketing and email marketing, and newsletters, white papers, and eBooks.

Through The Awakening Author, Susan provides book coaching and editing services that support business owners to the publication of books that enhance our understanding of who we are and who we are here to be.

An enthusiastic supporter of writing with clarity, Susan is the traditionally-published author of four books: a novel about domestic abuse (Shades of Teale), a collection of short stories about awakenings (Passages to Epiphany), a writer’s companion to help people write with more impact (The Write Way), and an Amazon best-selling book that teaches readers how to use their online content to build their brand and generate more leads (Content Marketing Made Easy – Why You Need It / How To Do It).

Business Description: Crossman Communications helps conscious creators use their business stories to enhance their brand through social engagement, digital content creation and book writing projects.

I love working with people to uncover the brilliance of their own stories. Whether we’re developing content for their website or I’m supporting them to the completion of the book only they can write, it makes me really happy to be an expansive part of their creative process. My clients typically feel a shiver of awe as they see themselves and their work through my eyes, and it is humbling for me to be able to help amplify their message and their work through the medium of the written word. There is a lot of magic involved in landing a story from the Outer Dimensions—and it’s fun!
I imagine we could enjoy a more peaceful and harmonious world if everyone were able to express their truth clearly, and with compassion and understanding. Communication can be incredibly healing. So, I feel the work I do has an important role in unlocking peace on Earth, and I’m grateful for the fulfillment the entire process brings me!

Social Media Links:

Linked In: SusanCrossman
Facebook: CrossmanCommunications
Twitter: @CrossmanCom

Phone Number: 289-259-6934

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