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These are the amazing humans we love and support because they embody the TWA values, vision, mission and work. We invite you to check them out and see how they can support you on your journey! If you are part of our community and have a business you’d like to promote, please fill out the form below and we shall review it!

If you are part of our community and have a business you’d like to promote, please fill out this form and we shall review it!

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Cathleen Elle

Cathleen Elle
Cathleen Elle LLC

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Cathleen Elle is a transformational speaker, certified intuitive success coach, master healer, loss expert, author, podcast co-host, and Reiki I & II certified. She assists women leaders ready to rise from the ashes of loss through techniques that address trauma, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. Her award-winning book, Shattered Together: A Mother’s Journey From Grief to Belief — equal parts inspirational memoir and practical guide for those struggling with loss of any kind — is a #1 international bestseller on Amazon. In addition, she has been featured as an expert on spiritual healing and wellness-related topics on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

For more than twenty-five years, Cathleen served as a political leader in Vermont. As a woman leader, she’s addressed the National Congress of Brazil. She lobbied for and led the Associated General Contractors of Vermont as executive vice president for nine years.

In March 2010, Cathleen’s world was refocused when she lost her son to suicide. Through that shattering experience, she uncovered a powerful sense and a connection to the divine that motivated her to redesign her life — and to guide others in doing the same.

Today, Cathleen works with women leaders who are eager to release the hold of past trauma, igniting the light within, uniting the head with the heart, and realizing their unique purpose. She is a certified success coach and a master energy healer specializing in Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM), a multi-sensory technique that facilitates mental, physical, and spiritual transformation.

In addition to providing personalized one-on-one assistance, Cathleen educates and inspires through public speaking engagements centered on suicide prevention, grief, self-discovery, and more at high schools, colleges, businesses, professional symposia, and a wide variety of other locations and events. She is also available for workshops, retreats, and creative partnerships.

As a collaborator, Cathleen has contributed to four inspirational anthologies, and she is a co-host of the weekly Beyond Your Best Plan podcast. She currently resides in Eugene, Oregon, with two exceptionally enlightened cats and is extremely close with her adult daughter, Ashley.

Social Media and Contact Links:

Linked In: Cathleen Elle Inspires
Facebook: Cathleen Elle Inspires
Instagram: Cathleen Elle Inspires
Email: cathleen@cathleenelle.com
Phone: (802) 595-9594

Sam Liebowitz
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Sam Liebowitz, known as The Conscious Consultant, is a facilitator, mentor, speaker, healer, serial entrepreneur and author of the #1 best-selling empowerment book, Everyday Awakening. He has been in business since 1993 and has owned several successful businesses. His current ventures include Talking Alternative Broadcasting, and Double Diamond Wellness in Manhattan. Sam has lectured in several venues in New York City, including being a featured speaker at TEDxUpperWestSide in 2016.


We are a broadcast-quality Internet Radio Station whose mission is to Empower, Uplift and Educate our audience. We have been in business since 2010 and have produced almost 50 shows and thousands of episodes. We have over 300,000 listeners in over 120 countries from around the globe!

Our shows are by Professionals for Professionals, and touch upon all areas of life. Each of our hosts is an expert in their field upon which their show is based. Topics range from Leadership, Personal and Spiritual Development, Entrepreneurship, Nonprofits, and many other topics that are relevant to our worldwide audience.

TAB strives to inform and empower you, offering content that inspires, uplifts and educates your body, mind and soul! We offer a variety of programming on a wide range of topics to help you in all aspects of your life.

Our vision is to be a true alternative to the world of Broadcast Talk Radio, reaching people from all over the world with positive, uplifting, and empowering content from professionals who have a message to share, while helping our hosts raise their brand awareness and get their message out in powerful and professional manner.

Our mission is to serve the community of millions of people worldwide who are looking for something different from the mainstream media, and to offset the fear we find so common in traditional programming. We use the Internet as our delivery vehicle so we are not limited to a geographic region, country or continent. We deliver the content you are looking for how you want it, when you want while helping our hosts get their message out to the world.

Social Media and Contact Links:

Linked In: Conscious Consultant
Facebook: Talk Radio NYC
Instagram: Talk Radio NYC
YouTube: Talking Alternative
Email: Sam@TalkRadio.nyc
Phone: (646) 408-6132

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Susan Crossman is a veteran writer whose businesses are built around the privilege of helping people communicate more clearly so they can consciously build relationships, achieve goals and generate revenue.

Through Crossman Communications and Content with Clarity, Susan and her team develop online content marketing programs that might include blogging, social media marketing and email marketing, and newsletters, white papers, and eBooks.

Through The Awakening Author, Susan provides book coaching and editing services that support business owners to the publication of books that enhance our understanding of who we are and who we are here to be.

An enthusiastic supporter of writing with clarity, Susan is the traditionally-published author of four books: a novel about domestic abuse (Shades of Teale), a collection of short stories about awakenings (Passages to Epiphany), a writer’s companion to help people write with more impact (The Write Way), and an Amazon best-selling book that teaches readers how to use their online content to build their brand and generate more leads (Content Marketing Made Easy – Why You Need It / How To Do It).

Crossman Communications

Business Description: Crossman Communications helps conscious creators use their business stories to enhance their brand through social engagement, digital content creation and book writing projects.

I love working with people to uncover the brilliance of their own stories. Whether we’re developing content for their website or I’m supporting them to the completion of the book only they can write, it makes me really happy to be an expansive part of their creative process. My clients typically feel a shiver of awe as they see themselves and their work through my eyes, and it is humbling for me to be able to help amplify their message and their work through the medium of the written word. There is a lot of magic involved in landing a story from the Outer Dimensions—and it’s fun!
I imagine we could enjoy a more peaceful and harmonious world if everyone were able to express their truth clearly, and with compassion and understanding. Communication can be incredibly healing. So, I feel the work I do has an important role in unlocking peace on Earth, and I’m grateful for the fulfillment the entire process brings me!

Social Media Links:

Linked In: SusanCrossman
Facebook: CrossmanCommunications
Twitter: @CrossmanCom

Phone Number: 289-259-6934

Jeri Matera

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I came into this life “LOUD” and what I didn’t know when I was a little girl was that this made people uncomfortable. So guess what I did… I dimmed my light so others would be comfortable around me. I did that for a very long time. Now, into my 60’s, I like to sprinkle LOUD love bombs into your life so that you can remember where you were dimmed so you can shine that light again. How do I do this? I like to host small groups for women so we can remind ourselves of our awesomeness. Internally shifting towards more freedom to be oneself. If you would like some assistance in this area so you can come home yourself, I would love to have a chat with you.

Contact Information:
Email: jerimatera@gmail.com
Phone Number: (215) 900-2044

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Big Love Alchemy with Monisha Mittal brings freedom and belonging to individuals and groups through highly creative and interactive workshops, courses and one-on-one sessions that tap into the combined wisdom of play and of the body. My purpose is to support people in experiencing the power, compassion, and infinite resources of your multi-dimensional Self through your physicality. I want you to find your Inner Ease with this human experience. Body-wisdom forms include moving, dancing, story-telling and voice so you can creatively explore your fuller expression. I also use tools of Higher Consciousness and my ability to hear frequencies emanating from your energy field to activate and amplify your connection with your Whole Being.

I believe we all came to have a physical experience. Yet – it has not felt safe for so many of us to be IN our own bodies. I am here to let you know: your Body loves you unconditionally and is always acting for your Highest in every moment. And there IS a unique you waiting to come out, underneath it all. With Play, we are able to leap “fear of failing” or “getting it right” in a single bound. Without our judgement in the way, so many more pieces of ourselves are willing to show up for our attention. Life can totally be experienced as challenging, but with Embodied Play, you can climb right into your Presence and experience life with more fullness, power and ease.

“When we belong to ourselves, we move freely.” ~ Monisha Mittal
One day, I sat in my living room bawling my eyes out on the sofa. I felt alone. And I felt like, no matter what I did, I was always ending up alone. How did I get here? I grew up feeling like I didn’t belong. I got the message I was not worthy of being kept and worried something was wrong with me. This led to anxiety throughout my life and on-going low grade depression.

Not only didn’t I “fit,” I sensed something was different about me, especially in the way I took in information, made sense of it, and spoke that out loud. People questioned how I could “know” the things I knew.

Scared of being “ejected,” I kept these parts of me to myself. I second guessed myself a lot. I felt hidden and unseen for who I really was and my contributions. And to make things more exhausting, I over-achieved, hoping to belong by exceeding outer expectations.

After that epic cry on the couch, I made different choices. In an introductory improve class, I had first inkling that there was a communication happening beyond my brain, at the level of my Body. Eventually I took a sabbatical and joined programs with InterPlay. This gave me the safety to be my whole self. Movement gave my hidden self a language to communicate. As I blossomed, I gained more agency and expression at work, in relationships, money and health. In 2020, I became a certified InterPlay leader and learned what was different about me all along: I can hear the frequency from a person’s multi-dimensional energy field (your body, their heart and soul).

I don’t feel alone anymore. And I’m no longer hiding.

I want you to experience the bounty of your True Self. There IS a unique you ready to come out, underneath it all. And you can be this today, without the need to do more, achieve more, or be more. As an Embodied Coach, I use my tools as accelerators to by-pass your limiting beliefs and stuck patterns and help you tap into the wholeness & wisdom available in your multi-dimensional field. Come out and play!

Contact Information:

Instagram: Monisha Mittal
Email: minicunning@gmail.com
Phone Number: (703) 964-7357
Podcast: Big Love Alchemy Soundcard Series with Monisha Mittal

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I spent the first part of my life striving and pushing myself to “get it right,” to do it all on my own and to be someone I was not. In trying to prove or earn my worth, I put my body under so much stress that it resulted in dysfunction and disease.

My body was telling me all along that I was not living in alignment with the truth of who I am but I didn’t know to listen.

Then, over the course of 2 years, I felt inspired to take a different track for my life. I let go of my practice as a Physiotherapist and allowed myself to listen to my Higher Wisdom and threw myself into some programs with Jennifer Hough and the Wide Awakening that enhanced the abilities that were hidden. Since then, I have come into my heart more.

Now my body is my best friend! I tune in and listen to the messages I am being given and I no longer push/strive my way through life. My body lets me know when I have strayed back into survival land which allows me to choose differently and return to flow.

The pain and tension in my body have subsided substantially and my system is much calmer. We are partners in the journey of this lifetime.

As I have come to be in my heart, even more, my body has become a conduit for channeling light language, the language of love. The codes from this light language activate our cells at the frequency of love and my clients can sense the activation in their bodies, feeling peace, joy, and love.

I am now embracing and honoring the gift that I am and helping bridge others back to their hearts, to come home to themselves and live the truth of who they are.

My clients experience more peace, freedom, happiness, and love as they live with enhanced self-awareness, acceptance, and empowerment.

I offer complimentary clarity sessions to people who are done living in a stressed state and are ready to live with more grace, flow, and joy.

I invite you to visit my website at www.freedomfromwithin.net for my contact information or email laneglenda@gmail.com to book your session. It’s time to be who we really are and express that into the world from our hearts!

Social Media Links:

Linked In: Glenda Lane
Facebook: Freedom From Within
Instagram: @glendalanefreedomguide

Phone Number: 780-554-7298

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Lynette Logo

I am a Financial Advisor turned Yoga Therapist, working with individuals and businesses to teach Resilience and Stress Management using the tools I’ve gained in my personal and professional life: meditation, breathwork, and stillness. I work with individuals and groups/business to mastermind best practices and alternative avenues for success while eliminating stress and increasing productivity.

I am a graduate of the nationally recognized Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy, a recipient of the Spirited Woman Award, member of International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Service Council, and Holistic Health Coach.

I grew up in a small midwestern town with strict fundamentalist parents in an oppressive family environment. I was Constantly told that I would never amount to anything, but I, for some reason, persisted in believing in herself. i fought my way out of that negative family environment, and graduated from the University of Michigan in the music and fine arts program. i was happily married with three children and a growing successful career as a financial advisor at a major firm when suddenly my career was cut short and i suffered a nearly fatal cerebral hemorrhage. I was told that would I would never see again, never drive, and never live a normal life, and I was discharged from the hospital and sent home.

With the help of my husband and loving children and friends, I overcame that illness, battling back by healing herself on her own terms, using the techniques I use now of healing others in my yoga therapy practice. Breathing for calmness, we restrain the brain to recover health, mental and physical stability. Some of these techniques are not new – they are ancient time-honored, simply used in a new way.

I went on to become certified as a yoga instructor, and further as a medically/clinically trained Yoga Therapist with an extra 1000 hours of training and in-class experience, and I have since opened my own yoga teaching and healing practice. I am now a Therapeutic yoga instructor, meditation teacher and a certified Holistic Health Coach. I am a graduate of the nationally recognized Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy, a recipient of the Spirited Woman Award, and I teach yoga therapy and the Mind-Body connection at a major medical institution. It is my life’s mission is to help others discover and learn how to overcome life’s obstacles by healing themselves.

Social Media Links:

Linked In: Lynette Fioroni
Facebook: Lynette Fioroni A Still Life
Instagram: @lynettefioroni

Phone Number: 248-390-8153

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I teach and support my clients through private sessions (phone or Zoom), virtual group programs, audio programs, and retreats.

Learn more about my mind-body-spirit methodology, the Therapeutic Meditation Process™ (T.M.P.), and the 10 Keys to a Vibrant Body & Abundant Life™ with my complimentary gift “The Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Starter Kit.

I’m Tanya Penny, OTR, Author of Connect with The Divine You, Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach. I teach and support you to fully love yourself, and heal past trauma & chronic illness using my mind-body-spirit methodology. For 25 years of my life, I experienced anxiety, depression, pain, and carried extra weight.

In 2004, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was my wake-up call that there were some deeper issues in need of love, attention, and release, that medications, lifestyle changes, and medical interventions couldn’t touch. It wasn’t easy (I had to peel back the layers and really look into my self) and it wasn’t quick (it took years), but I healed. I believe there is a place and a time for doctors and Western medicine, but if you are 100% committed to healing all areas of your life, your soul is called to go on a journey as well.

Now, I teach the Therapeutic Meditation Process™ (T.M.P.) and the 10 Keys to a Vibrant Body & Abundant Life™, trusting that it will find its way into the hearts and lives of those who need it, and are ready to take the journey.

Facebook: @TanyaPennyHeal
Instagram: @pennypassion

Tanya Lenox

Tanya Lenox

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I am passionate about empowering you to discover and create the life you want, to live fully in your Heart, and for you to feel the freedom to express who you ARE. I have a private energy healing practice, lead monthly Heart activation gatherings, and offer experiential workshops.

My journey with you is very heart focused and experiential. Your heart knows the way home! Through activating your Heart’s inner wisdom and knowing, we co-create new potentials together allowing you to experience:

  • greater harmony, balance and freedom at the cellular level as old patterns and limiting beliefs are transmuted and transcended
  • peace
  • clarity
  • deeper embodiment and expanding consciousness
  • Being your beauty and magnificence
  • thriving vs surviving
  • increased creativity
  • empowering tools to move forward

The transformational energy and shifts that occur create real change in your life that also affect real shifts in the outer world. The greatest gift you give is to BE truly yourself…to shine your brilliant, magnificent Light and share it with the world.

Are you ready to experience your Heart? To live with greater purpose, vitality, creativity, and LOVE? To be the open-Hearted master of your life? Can you hear your Heart calling? If yes, I would love to connect with you. I would be honoured to be a witness to the beautiful unfolding of YOU.

Through my own beautiful, unfolding spiritual journey, I AM called to BE my authentic Self in service to humanity. Three strong guide posts that have encouraged me to follow my heart and passions are: a knowing that I AM more than my physical body, a feeling that God is within, and a deep connection to the land.

Freedom and love hold deep meaning and inspire me to move forward even through the darkest moments. Earlier in my life, it was the strength and connection I felt from these guide posts that inspired me through a courageous self-healing journey from traumatic abuse experienced in childhood. On this journey I learned to transmute and transcend the limiting patterns and beliefs I had created. I see myself beyond the identities of victim or survivor. I am empowered and free to express the love that I AM, embodying my beautiful, compassionate Heart.

This amazing journey and my passion have guided me to share and help others also achieve greater freedom and experience the richness and expansiveness of life. I assist others to live in their heart, feel their innate joy, and connect with the awe, wonder and the excitement of expressing their creative desires. Inspirational messages from Spirit are interconnected with my deep connection to the land; this combination infuses grounding energy, a stillness and beauty, rejuvenation, and upliftment not only for me, but for all my clients. I am a Certified Advanced Energy Healer and Teacher (The Inner Focus School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing); an Advanced Practitioner in Ancestral and Forgiveness Clearing (John Newton); and a Certified Awakening Coach (Jennifer Hough).

In short, I AM here to shine my light! I know that my desire to express my passion for life, and to create through the wonders of this human form from the depths of my essence, is far greater than any fear! I hold my journey in deep gratitude, compassion and love, and I would be honoured to support you in yours.


“Tanya is an incredible healer. Her ability to hold sacred space and unconditionally love makes the healings she facilitates powerful and transformational. I would recommend Tanya to anyone who is wanting to do deep healing.”
– C.A., Rtcmp, Rac. Bas

“Healings with Tanya has opened my heart to a new understanding of myself and God within. Through her patience and loving heart, I have hit core issues and old patterns and my life is truly opened to my divinity …I live a life of joy and harmony and much gratitude.”
– B.A.


Jennifer "ZenJen" Evans

Jennifer “ZenJen” Evans
ZenJen Website

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ZenJen Logo

ZenJen Transformation Coach

I am here to help you; my expertise lies in freeing women from feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. Women who are stuck and lost, ready to live a better life.

Clients who work with me become calm, confident and inspired, infusing their life with joy. Creating space so they can become ideas and solutions orientated. Allowing them to move forward and focus, gaining success and financial reward, feeling fulfilled, happy and living a life they desire.

We are all designed to flourish, so why not you?

I have been helping people with their wellbeing since 2003, through Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Indian Head massage, and Meditation, which naturally evolved into coaching.

I guide, support, and inspire women to live free of overwhelm and anxiety, to be energised, confident and happy with financial success and fulfilment filled with Freedom, Joy, and love.

Through one-on-one Coaching Sessions and Personalised Coaching programs, VIP Days, Group Programs and workshops, as well as Solo Retreats, Private Group Retreats and Group Retreats.

The personalised Coaching Programs are blended with a variety of powerful healing methods. As well the option to include a unique SOLO RETREAT. All Specifically tailored for your unique needs. This journey is all about creating more ease and flow in your life, showing you how to flourish and reach your desired results without the pushing, pressure and stress. Making your path to success effortless, enjoyable, fun and fulfilling.

Journey to You Heart and Soul – Magical Life Changing Retreats
I’m based in stunning central Italy, between the Mountains and the Sea, known as the Green Heart of Italy. Solo and group retreats to reset, refresh and reconnect. Held here in the green heart of Italy, between the mountains and the sea and other stunning tranquil locations around the world.

After living in Canada for 10 years at the end of 2012, I moved back to the UK with just 2 suitcases, 2 divorces, $2,000 in my pocket and my wonder dog Charlie!

I started my spiritual journey and focused on building my holistic practice back in 2003, offering Reflexology, Reiki & Massage naturally evolving into coaching, which now includes retreats and programs.

I have been described by those closest to me as a freedom seeker, lover of life, adventurer and activator of play and possibility.

Both loved ones and clients know me to be wise, insightful, intuitive, inspirational as well as compassionate, loving and fun.

I’m an amazon bestselling author with my book “Flow Freedom Happiness” Reiki Master and Awakened Coach. I love coaching and teaching women, both online and face to face, showing how they too can “Live a Life You Love.

Born in the UK, I have lived and worked across Europe and North America for over 15 years, which has been quite the adventure. I was successful in the corporate world working for Fortune 100, including Sony and Siemens Plc, including roles in Personal Development, Training Consultant, and Business Coach.

Like most of us I have experienced many obstacles, I realised my biggest obstacle was myself! I looked outside myself for things to be different and waiting for things to change, until I realised it was me that needed to change.

I have had the privilege to have been taught and mentored by leading experts, including the amazing Jennifer Hough, teachers and coaches in transformation, metaphysics, spirituality, neuroscience, coaching methods and business.

I have full circled my life and now live my dream life, with my amazing partner Dominic, and our dog Poppy. We live in a stunning rural area in central Italy, enjoying a wonderful fulfilling life, full of play, laughter, love and connection.
I am passionate about helping women like you, to discover a better way of living, to truly flourish in life. Living life on you





Angela Wilson
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Angela Unlimited Logo with dragonfly

Working with women of all ages who are in the shadows feeling limited, to realize they can be unlimited. Our work is done through one on one sessions, webinars, and workshops to show there is another way of being, because we want everyone to come out of the shadows and play in the unlimited light.

Our work is also for young girls that feel unlimited now … because we want to work with them and pave the path so they stay playing in the unlimited sunshine.

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and I’m the founder of Angela Unlimited, an organization that helps women to find their voice, to live their fullest lives, and to help them to emerge from the shadows. I’m, also a designated Certified Management Accountant, and started my own Accounting practice in the 90’s, which focused on providing financial services in the Not-For-Profit sector – specifically the violence against women and children sector. Recently I’ve turned to my true passion. Using my voice and my heart to assist women to know, in their hearts, that they are special, and it is okay to be seen, heard, and to laugh out loud.

I created this venture as I spent most of my life living in the shadows. You know the ones where little girls are supposed to be seen and not heard. Where you hide and your inner chatter gets so loud that it’s deafening. Yes, I spent a good portion of my life morphing and changing into what others wanted, based on the messages I internalized. It truly got to a point where I was so buried under layers heaped on by society, family, and expectations, that the sparkle inside me was almost extinguished.

Angela Unlimited grew out of my journey to reclaim my life from the shadows I was living in. As I embarked on that journey it became very clear that I wanted to pay my journey forward to women of all ages. I want to be that someone that I could have used along the way. That someone who helps you to know, “Being YOU is okay … actually, it’s better than okay”.

My desire is to share with women that they can live a life of unlimited joy, and that we need each other along the way. I want to be that coach, mentor, trusted ear that I could have used throughout my journey for you.


Sherryl Lin Taylor

Sherryl Lin Taylor
The Cosmic Conduit

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Sherryl Lin is a medical intuitive healer, spiritual guide, and facilitator with over 30 years’ experience assisting people in the areas of health, relationships, parenting, life, and career transitions, and much more.

With a mission to assist people in remembering the truth of who they are, Sherryl Lin acts as a conduit for divine wisdom helping clients and audiences to move beyond perceived limitations and empowering them to live the lives they were born to live.

Sherryl Lin has vivid memories of being a young child with a pure, loving heart who knew that everything was possible. She knew that she had intuitive abilities back then, but being that there was no one to explain to her what she was experiencing she shut that part of herself down.

Sherryl Lin was always interested in spirituality and spent much of her early adult life looking for the next teacher or guru who, she was certain, had the answers she was looking for.

Everything shifted when, through a series of mystical, awakening experiences, Sherryl Lin began to remember her connection to Higher Levels of Consciousness and her abilities accelerated at an exponential rate.

Sherryl Lin will help you move to the next level in all areas of your life, including your health, business, life purpose, and

As a Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Guide , she reads the energy beneath your words, working deeply at the cellular level as a Spiritual Conduit, bringing you back into alignment with the truth of who you really are.

 Facebook | The Cosmic Conduit
 Facebook | Sherry Lin Taylor
 Instagram | Sherry Lin Taylor

Sherryl Lin Taylor

Sabine Kruse​

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Sabine Kruse grew up in Germany with an innate desire to explore the world and the purpose of life. As an economist working for 20 years in the field of development co-operation improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people, she realised the world couldn’t be changed from the outside and there was more to life than her corporate job. So began an inner journey of self-awareness and living life from her heart and soul.

Sacred geometry came into Sabine’s life at the end of 2014 when, during meditation, she began receiving information on how to use geometric shapes and forms to shift the underlying energetics for everyday issues and create tangible results in daily life. Sabine recorded these insights and experiences, utilising them by means of short practices. Step-by-step, a book took shape. Guided in the use of sacred geometry by Thoth and other mentors from higher realms, Sabine went through a process of freeing herself from limitations and conditioning, returning to her authentic nature. In her passionate desire to go to her very core, she uncovered more of her True Self and in so doing, experiencing more freedom, joy and fulfilment in her life.

Sabine wants that for you as well and so she wrote a book that is a #1 international bestseller on Amazon: “Activate Your Highest Potential with Sacred Geometry – A Practical Guide to Freedom, Authenticity and Fulfilment”.
She also became a certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Trainer for intercultural competence. Through her writing, coaching, workshops and tailor-made sacred geometry designs she inspires and empowers people to live to their highest potentials. Living in Southern Spain with her partner, Sabine enjoys travelling, exploring the beauty and diversity of planet Earth, as well as venturing out beyond the known worlds. She loves sunsets on the beach, visiting pyramids and good conversations with friends.


Are you living a balanced and fulfilled life? Or do you know deep inside that there is more to life than you are currently experiencing?

True changes come from within: All answers, solutions and visions – in fact: everything – lies within yourself and is only waiting to be discovered. I am passionate about supporting you in freeing yourself from limitations and conditioning, reclaiming your authentic power and highest potential and living your best life.

I offer the following services:
• Personalised one-on-one coaching
• Webinars such as the sacred geometry of the month webinars with tailor-made sacred geometry symbols containing frequencies that support you through any challenges and help you to harness the potentials of the month’s topic
• Personal sacred geometry designs containing frequencies and vibrations that support you with your intentions, e.g. for your business or a certain area of your life
• Selection of my favourite sacred geometry designs
• I am also available for speaking events, podcasts, workshops and retreats. Please contact me!

These are potential topics and benefits I have had the pleasure to witness:
• Recognise and activate your life’s vision, calling and potentials
• Deal with blockages and clear limiting beliefs and repeating patterns
• Manage a personal crisis, stress and overwhelm and return to peace
• Restore emotional and mental balance
• Develop amazing relationships with yourself and others
• Bring into your life what you truly desire from your heart
• Expand your consciousness and see things/life from a bigger perspective

I’d love to take you on a transformational journey to your True Self, the love that you are at the deepest level of your being. Are you ready?


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