“Your Super Powers show up directly in proportion to the degree you choose to be here.”
Jennifer Hough

So I was on my own one weekend while my hubby did this awesome program at my friends’ place, and he was “letting it rip” about life. I took the opportunity to explore one of the questions I had just asked during a Thriving Operating System course, so I could “let it rip,” too. I decided to go deep. Here are some of the questions I asked myself:

  • How willing am I to accept being here on the planet with all of my heart, to fully let in the love of my greater guidance, and to know what I know unapologetically, and live accordingly?
  • Am I really choosing to be here… or just making that choice conditionally?
  • What is worth my time and my energy and the investment of my care and love?
  • What deserves my energy and my power?
  • Is it truly important what another thinks of me?
  • What is actually important to me?

How would you answer these questions? I definitely found some places where I was hedging my bets and playing with life, as though protection had become more important than actually being all of myself, where ultimately I can never be unsafe in the first place!

Here are some signs that you may not be fully choosing to be here on Earth:

  • Feelings of overwhelm, as though you don’t have enough energy resources to handle life
  • You focus on things that really don’t matter, or that are distractions
  • You don’t wake up inspired
  • The resources you need don’t come easily; you find life hard, projects filled with road blocks

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With love,