Photo by Susanne Jutzeler

“Dogs just drop the stick when it tastes yucky to them and move on to the next funnest thing. They do it quickly. Just saying…”
Jennifer Hough

Lately, I’ve had a couple of conversations, and classes (like Wings and Thriving O/S), where we’ve asked, “Is civilization going to hell in a handbasket?” I’ve had my moments where I’ve asked the same. And the more people lose themselves to TV, politics and conspiracies, the more I allowed myself to more deeply ask, “Is there hope?” That is a booby prize question!

First of all, it’s a fractal Universe. Second, I found myself judging myself. Third, my Ego started momentarily to compare myself to others, thinking I’m not doing enough. Gosh, tapping into the civilizational Ego can take me right out of flow. Don’t worry, it didn’t last.

For eons we have been so free to create as human beings, as all things in nature do. We are so free and creative that we created the shackles of “shoulds,” “musts,” and “have-to’s” that currently run our planet, with slight variances according to culture and geography.

However, you’ll notice the themes are the same.

Using this same free will and creative pioneering spirit, we can also choose not to engage in the density of the shackles. Trees don’t have to choose to be free, as they are wired for connection. Dogs just drop the stick when it tastes yucky to them; instantly!

Oh sure, some people will judge and it may be uncomfortable at first to simply be yourself. Consider this: those who judge you are the ones who had the most powerful prayers to make sure you were born. Why? Because they feel the pain of the shackles of the “shoulds” the most, and they need an example so they can believe it’s possible to live another way.

We can decide to drop the stick, too, and get on with being all of ourselves; the pioneering creative. And when we do, we experience the fractal Universe, with photons that communicate what’s possible, and understand that at the smallest part of us, and largest part of us, we are ALL OF IT, SO QUANTUM LEAPS are totally possible. We know it cellularly, when we drop the stick and start to create.

Love you to the moon and back for walking the talk as much as you do!

Have grace for the rest.

Jennifer Hough

P.S. Isn’t it great that acorns don’t judge the kind of oak trees they become; they simply lean into their journeys and give birth to other trees that do the same. No two trees are ever alike, and we think they’re all beautiful. Maybe we should consider ourselves “human trees,” and our judgments would stop.

P.P.S. Pass it on.