Movies with Jennifer:

  • What is Possible
  • Luminous World Views

Television and Radio Appearances

  • What Is Possible? – Preview an incredible up & coming movie with Jennifer Hough – Watch Now
  • First Take Live – Jennifer is a frequent guest with the extraordinary Garth Riley, on CHEX
  • The Small Business, Big Ideas Radio Show – on CKDO 107.7 fm or 1580 am with David Cohen & Garth Riley – Jennifer Hough on ‘Living Your Best Life’ –
  • Positive Living TV – Feb. 22, 10AM, on CITY-TV, Sun TV, A-Channel, and One: The Body, Mind, and Spirit Channel. With Host Aida Memisevic, Jack Canfield & Matt Damon. –
  • Style By Jury – with Bruce and team. Jennifer works with a man on this popular makeover show, coaching him to remember who he is. –
  • Wylde on Health – with Host Bryce Wilde – Ever watched two people, passionate about what they do, just absolutely expanding the energy into the rafters? Well, if you saw Jennifer and Bryce you would know what we mean! –
  • Breakfast Television – On City TV – Jennifer speaking on children, indigos, health, and how to parent in the new paradigm – the paradigm of freedom seeking totally connected, cosmic kids. –
  • Garth Riley Live

Best Sellers and Books with Jennifer:

  • Wake Up and Live the Life You Love
  • Millionaire Women-Millionaire You
  • The Faces Behind the Pages
  • The School of Unlimited Life
  • The Ultimate Holistic Cookbook

Radio shows and Telesummits:

  • The Wide Awakening
  • Debbie Dachinger
  • Small Business Big Ideas
  • That Radio
  • The Tracey Spot
  • Live Big Media

Events and Expos:

  • Walk Ins Welcome
  • Visionaries of Light
  • The Holistic World Expo
  • Evolve Expo
  • Limitless Women
  • Passion Purpose and Profits
  • Millionaire Women’s Bootcamp (London and Slovakia)
  • Evolutionary Business Council
  • The I Am Group
  • Human Resources Professionals Association
  • The National Hotel and Spa Association


  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Engineers Association
  • Dental Assistants Association
  • Flight Attendants Association
  • Media Company
  • Region of Durham