Innate Abilities
Embody Your Human Superpowers

The Innate Abilities Program is a unique and Awakening journey, allowing you to experience first-hand all that we are capable of as humans, by waking up your ability to thrive and ‘go direct’ with consciousness (as we were born to do). By upgrading your brain and junk DNA to connect with your Human Super Powers, it is possible to live in flow with the entire Universe, and live your life on purpose.

It is time to stop talking about this level of mastery, and come home to all of who we are.

This program is an experiential journey with Jennifer Hough, where she will guide you through activations and exercises that will help you embody your multidimensional Super Powers, in real time. You will be able to experience them right away, rather than waiting to become a “guru.” It’s time for you to be your own guru!

Human Super Powers are for anyone and everyone who feels called by a deeper purpose, and KNOWS that they are capable of flying forward much more quickly and efficiently. THEY JUST WANT THE SKILLS TO DO THAT; it isn’t for just the special people… that’s the point! We were born to be alchemical.


The activations and exercises were some of my favourites. Just wonderful and amazing; the fast route… great, great! Thank you all so much. See you again on the TWA playground.

Anne K


  • Forty (40) powerful, experiential webinars where we go through all of the Innate Abilities together
  • Channeled Upgrades of your multidimensional DNA
  • Awakening exercises and homework to deepen your ability to use your new skills
  • Videos to stream on your desktop or mobile device
  • Audios to stream and/or download to your desktop or mobile device
  • A comprehensive workbook to track your progress and new awarenesses
  • Access to a Private Space to ask questions and share your experiences


  • Activate the dormant Super Powers within the brain, the cells and the junk DNA, so you can experience ‘going direct’ with consciousness more easily
  • Permanently dissolve stubborn issues that prevent you from flying, using new metaphysical tools you will find so helpful
  • Experience the fluidity that is possible for humanity in your own life
  • Gain the confidence to ‘go direct’ with higher levels
  • Learn the language of the telomeres and Infinite Wisdom
  • Learn the tools to be able to live beyond the density, in total flow
  • Learn about your piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth, and how to contribute fully to the world
  • Practice your Super Powers during the program, instead of waiting, because you can do it… you were born to use these powers
  • Plus, so much more!


Thank you, Jennifer, and your amazing team for a fantastic course. Thanks to all the live participants and their work, which inspired me. Love you all.

Donna P


I love you all. Such an adventure, with all the comments and energy shifts and all the rest… Thank you, thank you!

Laura S

Innate Abilities

Embody Your Human Superpower
Innate Abilities is available on Agents of Awakening
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The Innate Abilities Skills

Skill 1
Communing directly with your Cells

Skill 2
Multi-dimensional Touch, Smell, Sight, taste and hearing

Skill 3
Integrate Your Left and Right Brain

Skill 4
Embody the Masculine and the Feminine

Skill 5
Mesh with the Pineal Gland

Skill 6
Communication through the Integration Portal

Skill 7
Flora and Fauna without words

Skill 8
Yourself as Nature

Skill 9
Step out of ‘mass consciousness’

Skill 10
Dance Directly with Creation

Skill 11
Shift Energy in Any Struggle

Skill 12
Know what to say with clarity

Skill 13
Integrate fully with Higher self

Skill 14
Attune to see/feel/hear energy

Skill 15
Bringing the Immaterial to the Material World

Skill 16
Bend time

Skill 17
Spontaneous Healing

Skill 18
Find your cosmic age

Skill 19
Discover and Integrate Your Peace of the Puzzle of Heaven on Earth

Skill 20
Complete the Past Retroactively


Skill 21
Unconditional love for all

Skill 22
Integrate with the Masters

Skill 23
Find Peace in Any Situation

Skill 24
See the bigger picture in any situation

Skill 25
Create Upon Creation

Skill 26
Access Pure Potential to Create

Skill 27
Commune with Ancestral Wisdom

Skill 28
Affect Universal Change

Skill 29
Shape Shift

Skill 30
Inter-dimensional travel

Skill 31
Step into Completely unknown selves

Skill 32
Lives in other Dimensions and Potentials

Skill 33
Move 3D items with Energy

Skill 34
Transmute the Environment

Skill 35
Integrate New knowledge

Skill 36
Alter/Activate Earthly/Universal grid

Skill 37
Become the Alchemist

Skill 38
Everything Coming to You

Skill 39
True Abundance Beyond Density

Skill 40
Transcending Feeling Alone



Ready to Dive In?

Innate Abilities Program

This audio/video series, facilitated by Jennifer Hough, assists you to embody your Innate Abilities by integrating with your multidimensional strands of DNA. Your multidimensional codes of DNA assist to upgrade your junk DNA, so that you can connect with all the skills associated with being magical, confident, and able to dance with life in fluidity.

Innate Abilities

Embody Your Human Superpower
Innate Abilities is available on Agents of Awakening
Join Agents of Awakening FREE FOR 30 DAYS to experience this powerful program


Thank you! I’ve changed so much through the course of these classes, it’s hard to remember the way I was before… a good thing. I feel so connected to everything and everyone… the longing for belonging is gone. I’m perfectly fine with not belonging!

Monica R



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