A Journey (for three or twelve months) Assisting You to  Awaken Your Multi-Dimensional Super Powers:  What’s Next in Your Evolution as a Leader

Each year, Jennifer works individually with eight people as their personal guide.

She uses her abilities as a seer, Awakening facilitator, and fluidity expert to bring her clients into greater congruency with their ever-evolving expansion of consciousness. This results in her clients impacting the world and their audiences more deeply. This also expands their ability to ‘go direct’ with Innate Wisdom with profound clarity, opening their ability to receive without limits, while deeply affecting their family, relationships, bottom line, and level of personal fulfillment.

Her clients, as seekers of deeper awareness, know that there is a “what’s next” happening in their lives, and want to enjoy that expansion with upgraded “Super Powers.” They are leaders in their own right.



  • To receive personal assistance in this intimate 3-month or 12-month experience that allows you to ‘go direct’ with your own guidance,
  • To create non-linear ways to strategize and bring your projects, love, and health to life,
  • To gain freedom to fly in the areas of life that are important to you,
  • To gain clarity around what has been holding you back. Transmute 1000s of patterns that have been in the way, while integrating with your Super Powers,
  • To crystallize your unique areas of brilliance,
  • To run forth without barriers, and expand into your piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth,
  • To put the infrastructure in place to fully support your flight,
  • To get really clear on how to fast track your own journey, without the doubt and contemplation, and
  • To receive tools and learn skills that are actionable and lead to personal and global change.


  • A Discovery Session: A half-hour initial Discovery Session with me at the beginning of our journey; in-person is preferred, but otherwise will be via video chat.
  • 1:1 Guidance Calls: Two hours of calls per month for 3 months. You’ll also have a recording of the call(s), to re-listen for deeper integrations and understandings.


  • A Initial Session: A two-hour initial Discovery Session with me at the beginning of our journey; in-person is preferred, but otherwise will be via video chat.
  • 1:1 Guidance Calls: Two hours of calls per month. You’ll also have a recording of the call(s), to re-listen for deeper integrations and understandings.
  • Reset Calls: One Reset Call per quarter for 30 minutes, on a project or situation-by-situation basis. You may or may not choose to use them. They are available if you have an issue that seems like an emergency and you feel stuck, or a pattern that keeps presenting that you can’t see your way through, but you know you are ready to break through it.
  • Text Access: Personal access via text, to stay in touch between Guidance Calls.
  • Access to our online programs and Home Studies: All three Get Out of Your Own Way™ Home Studies (Relationships That Rock, Success and Abundance, Thriving Body), including Innate Abilities, while making the information personal to you.
  • 12 Days of Awakening™ Video Series: Stepping into your reason for being is all about vulnerability, receiving, getting out of the way, and being supported by letting the assistance in… no more doing it yourself! You can go kicking and screaming, or you can just go! It’s a big deal, so have grace.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Book a Discovery Session
  2. Fill out your Discovery Form questionnaire (sent to you before your session)
  3. We’ll send you an email to confirm
  4. You and Jennifer will chat about what’s possible

Abundant thanks for the opportunity to be mentored by you. I would like to express my utmost gratitude for the Awakening you facilitated in my life. You are truly a gift from God, as we all are. I now can see clearly who I am.

Maureen L., Ontario, Canada


Jennifer has all the qualities one could possibly dream of – a brilliant intellect, a generous spirit, and a gift for envisioning innovative concepts that truly have the potential to change the world.

Tom M., New York, USA
(Business Consultant)


This tipped the scales for me and I thank you once again for your influence in my life. I met you at the perfect time in my life to turn the tide and I will be forever grateful. Love you Jennifer.

Marsha G., Ontario, Canada


Working with Jennifer has been like being wrapped up in the most comfortable blanket of love, while at the same time being called forward out of playing small! Jennifer is a true force of LOVE, who knows exactly how to bring out the most authentic parts of me. She holds a safe and powerful container for me to feel fully self-expressed and free. I am grateful for the work we have been able to do together.

Christine Hassler, M.A.
Author – Speaker – Life Coach

Jennifer Hough

Jennifer Hough (pronounced HUFF) is the #1 international Bestselling Author of UNSTUCK: The Physics of Getting Out of Your Own Way. She’s the CEO of The Wide Awakening and an expert in bridging the gap between science and spirituality. The gift of holographic vision allows her to see what’s in your way so you can fully love your life and move from surviving to thriving. Her experiential programs, advanced guidance, and global community Agents of Awakening are designed to fast-track your dreams and help you find your flow. She has spoken on stages, radio and television worldwide. Visit for more information.



“If you have ever wanted to clearly understand what it means to be successful in life, in business, parenting and personal relationships, I cannot more highly recommend anyone than Jennifer Hough. She is one of the very few people I know who truly strives for world change. She’s simply brilliant. I cannot recommend her enough.

Nigel Seale, British Columbia, Canada
(Founder, Earth Day Canada)


  • Recognize and embrace that there is more to life than what is seen in 3D.
  • Want to work with me directly, and know that working 1:1 is the best way to be assisted, rather than in groups.
  • Are guided by a greater vision, and feel the urgency of that calling inside.
  • Are inspired to stay in consistent fluidity with life as consciousness shifts and changes, such that life becomes a dance versus a wrestling match.
  • Know that “it’s time” for what’s next regarding their evolution, business, relationships and/or awareness, and want clarity about their direction and the “non-linear” quantum leaps that are available.
  • Want the fast track to their life’s work, their Awakening, their multi-dimensional abilities, and to be able to ‘go direct’ with their inner guidance.
  • Recognize that doing it alone is not efficient or effective; for those who want to have intimate and interactive conversations/experiences that bring clarity.
  • Want to use their Super Powers to keep up with the speed of shifting consciousness.
  • Are ready for a different level of leadership.  
  • Would like to affect change by affecting their own backyards, and the world.
  • Activate and inspire others. They want to move forward with life as a philanthropist, leader, practitioner, speaker, author, coach, teacher, therapist or Awakened parent, and to enjoy it fully, while creating new ways for humanity to live in harmony and to thrive together.
  • Want to find meaning and fulfillment by enjoying a life lived on purpose, while being in a spiritual, aligned, abundant, and expansive flow.



Jennifer Hough is an extraordinary speaker, coach and mentor. Her free-flowing, beautiful spirit makes the student experience so much fun. She makes the painful job of sorting through all “your stuff,” smooth and effortless. Jennifer has the intuitive ability to tap straight into the heart of your problem, so that you can address it and transcend it into something beautiful. No words can describe the experience she has taken me through in my hours of coaching. All I know is that she has helped to change and transform my life in so many profound ways. I am so grateful to have had the experience of working with Jennifer in some of my darker hours. She is a bright light here on Planet Earth. If you haven’t yet attended one of her seminars or coaching sessions and change is what you’re looking for, then book her now! You will be grateful forever. I know I am!

Brad Morris
Author/Speaker/Agent of Change

Photos by Jeannie Selda

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