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The Physics of Getting Out of Your Own Way

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“A shot of adrenaline with words, designed to trigger an awakening to your own superpowers and Divinity.”

– Dr. Joe Vitale, author, “Zero Limits,” “The Miracle,” star in the hit movie The Secret

If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, unhappy, or simply anxious about life in general and you don’t know why then you have found your way to the perfect solution. UNSTUCK is a practical and heartfelt guide that not only explains why you’re feeling stuck, it also gives you the blueprint on how to thrive regardless of your situation or the world around you.

~ Natalie Ledwell, Best Selling Author, Co-Founder Mind Movies.

UNSTUCK  provides guidance in a world where old paradigms aren’t working anymore. This work works! I love the blend of practical advice and deep spiritual wisdom.

~ Christine Hassler, Expectation Hangover

“HOLY MOLY!!! UNSTUCK: The Physics of Getting Out of Your Own Way is a #1 International Bestseller in 8 Countries: USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands Australia, the UK, and now France.  Thank YOU so much for your love and support and willingness to get UNSTUCK!

This book is from my heart specifically meant to help us all realize our personal power in these crazy times, instead of giving our power away to all of the noise. Our ability to remain in our own power is more important now than ever.

It is so empowering to know how you can get out of your own way quickly and effectively without excavating, fixing, or dwelling in the past.

Can’t wait to play with you in the weeks and months to come.”

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Jennifer Hough Heart Sunset
Jennifer Hough Heart Sunset