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Jennifer Hough

Jennifer Hough is a seer, alchemist, author and Facilitator of Awakening. Her ability to ‘see’ people holographically evolved as a result of running one of the largest Holistic Nutrition Clinics in Canada (The Vital You) from 1994 until now. That ability evolved from medical intuition such that she could witness individual lives, histories, and the collective societal status in holographic form. This was a far cry from her University Studies in Economics and Accounting!

It was quite an Awakening for her because she could never have imagined that her life would be given to interpreting multidimensional information and using it to assist others to transcend their past effortlessly and then flourish in their current lives. Jennifer founded The Wide Awakening in 2008 to assist us all to remember more deeply the reason we are here, based on the information that she sees and continues to evolve. Her work is to assist each of us to Awaken to our innate abilities beyond the five senses, to live life in flow and passion and to truly experience our lives as “a Piece of the Puzzle of Heaven on Earth” in this lifetime. Her magnetic style and authenticity have blown audiences away all over the world. Her mission is to shine a light within us, so we can all bring Heaven with us wherever we go! Her flagship program Get Out of Your Own Way™ incorporates online workshops and in-person retreats. Jennifer has several home study courses, including Innate Abilities and 12 Days of Awakening. For her advanced students, Jennifer offers Flight School and Awakened Coaching. Jennifer loves to hike, climb, mountain bike, and eat the culinary creations made by her sweetie, Adam, a professional chef. (He is the chef on many of The Wide Awakening retreats.)

Jennifer is the author of several books and audio series. She has The Wide Awakening Weekly Activations E-newsletter and monthly The Wide Awakening Radio Show that offers activations to say “YES, YES, YES” to your life.

Jennifer Loves To Travel, Serve, and Engage

The Wide Awakening is all about each one of us being able to live our own Piece of the Puzzle of Heaven on Earth… such that we bring fluidity, expansion and effortless creation where ever we go.

Jennifer Hough has dedicated herself to teaching others the power of deliberate creation. Join her on this remarkable journey to a life filled with incredible miracles, abundance, and flow.

The collective programs offered by Jennifer Hough and The Wide Awakening:

  1. Online Workshops – Get Out of Your Own Way™, Awakening Workshops
  2. Home Study Programs – Personal Mastery, Innate Abilities, 12 Days of Awakening, 12 Dimensions of DNA, and more!
  3. Global Wide – Retreats
  4. One-on-One – Awakened Coaching
  5. Flight School – 1 Year Adventure into learning to fly in all areas of your life
  6. Keynote – speaking AND Corporate Training
  7. and much more… explore The Wide Awakening site!

This work is about remembering the Truth of who you are as Infinite Wisdom saw it before you even had a body. It gives you access to experiencing a level of flow, creativity, and ease in life consistent with integrating with the part of you that is pure potential; your God Particles. Jennifer does this through a series of Cellular and Master Activations that cause a permanent cellular shift.

This is such a blessedly simple process, and it assists you to transcend effort and struggle in a way that shifts thousands of self-sabotaging beliefs in hours versus years. There is nothing else like Awakening technology. It is an experience rather than an intellectual process, therefore it transcends the sluggishness of the mind, and goes direct to every cell and sub-atomic space.

How to Book Jennifer

You can request Jennifer to be a guest for your engagement by phone at 877.867.2293, or via our Contact Form.