Who We Are

Our History, Mission, and Jennifer’s Personal Mission

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Founded in 2007 by JENNIFER HOUGH: Seer, Awakening Alchemist, and Best Selling Author. Our mission is a deep calling that transcends the idea of a traditional ‘company’. Our team works side by side to assist people to step out of the rat race, and step into the physics of flow, embody their purpose, discover and embody their super powers, and to apply those to every area of life such that they are born again into a permanent system of thriving.

The Wide Awakening and Jennifer continue to be the leading edge destination for those whose aim is Global peace, joy, and connection.

Using ‘The Wide Awakening Way- A 5 Step Approach’ Jennifer and the TWA Team empower leaders, parents, and teachers of all types. We assist those we work with to understand the Physics of Flow, to embody those tools through the New Operating System, and to understand and apply their natural ‘super powers’ to shift into a permanent state of flow and abundance.

We stay on the leading edge of the evolution of multi-dimensional tools to bring them to our clients as they present and as humanity’s contrast births new ways to transcend the old inoperable ways.

Welcome to the journey back to yourself. Welcome to the you the Universe always knew.

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To awaken the Heaven on Earth available within each of us and within the collective globally.

Jennifer’s Mission

To activate the deeper truth about who we are and why we’re here so that Heaven on Earth can be experienced in this lifetime.