“True love grants the other the gift of freedom to go on their own journey!”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: Jennifer Hough – Jennifer and Adam’s Wedding Day.

Dear You:

Okay, you know how sometimes someone tells you a powerful truth, but it’s so mind blowing that you need to process it for awhile? Well, I read Vanessa Florence’s post the other day, and let me just say it rocked my world about how women and men “be” with one another in relationships. (Oh, and I am sure same sex relationships can mimic this, too, so I’m not leaving you out, my friends!)

It is really a wake-up call to women who don’t realize that they can be running some really old patterns with men, and these patterns can be so disempowering. I’ve noticed that most women aren’t even conscious of these patterns, so listen with compassion for yourself if you are a woman. Just watch my message for the week as I read the post… and I would love, love, love to hear your comments in our Facebook Group at www.facebook.com/groups/twaplayground.

Juicy stuff, I’m telling you, juicy stuff! Dear ones, time to come together as Human Beings, without all the masks.

Join me as we really shake some trees… watch here:

With an open heart,