“We are not above nature to fix her; we are of nature and here to remember that. To the degree that we remember we are as magnificent as Mother Nature, we will treat each other, and her, with reverence.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

In honor of Earth Day, which is this Saturday, I am sharing a story about a conversation I had with an amazing man… one of the co-founders of Earth Day, and someone who has been deeply involved in the Pacha Mama Alliance with Lynne Twist. His name is Mark. Our first encounter led to so many revelations in the years to follow about our connection to nature…

I went to Ecuador last year with Lynne Twist (www.PachaMama.org), who founded that organization, along with her two partners. She is one of the most pure-hearted people I know. Her work in the rainforest is directly a result of a dream she had 20 years ago after going on a journey with a Shaman from the area. They told her it was time to Awaken Humanity from the dream they are in, and that it was not the people of the Amazon who needed help. It was those who were living the illusion that they are disconnected from nature; those who have forgotten that they are made of the particles of nature.

What I got from being in Ecuador with those very tribes that Lynne works with, is that our job is not to save the rainforest by saving the indigenous people; it’s by saving ourselves, before we become extinct from lack of consciousness that we are one with all of nature. Therefore, we would then treat nature as our sister and brother. As a result, we certainly would never do anything to destroy our source of water and oxygen.

I am by no means an Activist, but I deeply understand the message they shared, and in fact, our work is intricately woven with their message. We are truly Awakening those living in the illusion… those who know there is much more to life, and want to build bridges to a better Humanity.

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With an open heart,

P.S. The above pic is from a Wild Awakening Adventure to Peru… Love you, Jen xoxoxo



Hi, it’s Jennifer again! Happy almost Earth Day!!

I’ve got something to say about Earth Day, and just thought I’d share this with you, something to consider. I’m going to share a story with you about this amazing, amazing man whom I met with y friend, Tahdi; she lives in Topanga Canyon, in California. Tahdi is just amazing; she’s connected with the Institute of Noetic Science. We were having a meeting, and we met with this guy named Mark.

Mark had been involved in many Green movemets. He’d been on the ships for Greenpeace and so much more. In fact, I’d already been introduced to him because he and one of my other friends, Nigel, were involved in co-creating the original Earth Day. So, I know two of the people who were involved in co-creating the original Earth Day… but, I learned something from them. Actually, not because they told me, but by being in conversations with them, I realized some things that were really important.

There we were at my friend, Tadhi’s, and Mark, who is 6 foot 4 or 5. He’s a buge guy; there aren’t many people (since I’m 5’10) that I look up to. We were standing outside, having a very passionate debate, and because what he was saying was, “Jennifer, we have to tell people what’s really going on. We have to make them aware taht it’s all going to hell in a handbasket… there are things that are dying that we’ll ever have again, endangered species…” Right now you might even be hearing me say this and you might be nodding your head and going, “yeah, yeah,” and some of you may be not. But for me, seeing holographically, and seeing things from 100,000 feet… that is an extremely unproductive way of approaching Earth Day. Because what it does is, it creates a “them” and “us.” If you’re someone who already feels that way, of course you’re going to think, “Yes! Yes, we need to tell everybody how BAD everything is, and we need to scare people into action.”

But the problem is, for the average person, I mean for the millions and billions of people who don’t recognize what’s going on, they feel put off, or separate from that kind of thinking. And, that kind of polarized communication actually pushes them away more; in fact, if we’re to honor Mother Earth, it really is about expanding our love for her. It really is. At this point, there’s enough awareness from so many areas that, of course, it’s time to honor her, it’s time to have reverence for her beauty; of course, we want to do things to assist. Some people know, and it may require education, absolutely, but not from a place of anger and separation; from a place of, “When you’re ready I’d love to show you something you may not already know.” Our conversation led to my next point.

See, his pushing away was coming from a fear, and the fear was that nature’s going to disappear. For me, from 100,000 feet, what I know to be true is nature cannot disappear, and we are not separate from her. That’s the problem. We relate to nature; we relate to Mother Earth like we’re not born from her loins… we are! We are a part of her, we are made of her twigs and sticks and minerals and rocks and oceans and rivers; we are actually, physically, made up of those atoms. We are intricately interwoven; we ARE part of nature. We have separated ourselves, and we talk about her like we’re above her, and we can save her. She is more powerful than all of Humanity, times a million to the 10th.

So, long before we would ever get rid of nature, she will get rid of us, because when an aspect of her in cancerous, it will leave eventually; she will kick us off. So the point being this: It’s the Awakening to our own realization that we are Her. That, if we could live in harmony with each other and our own selves, the same way she harmonizes with her own self, that in fact, we would then treat her with the same reverence we start to treat ourselves. So, it’s the knowing and the love of ourselves, and the realization of our connection to nature, that actually has this world change.

He had a really hard time with that, because he had spent all his life feeling like HE was responsible, or people are responsible, for damaging her, when that approach will never shift things. The Awakening to our “who we are,” would have us embody all of nature, and see ourselves as part of her. Awakening to who we are as a part of Mother Nature is what’s far more important than trying to control how we treat her from a place of polarity and upset, because then we would never do anything to harm her. We would realize we were a part of her, and we would shift our actions naturally and permanently, even without creating a “them and us” mentality.

That, my friends, is our Earth Day message! So, go out and appreciate and have reverence and share your live and share on Facebook, and do whatever you can; share this message with people you love. I have a painting, by Sue Crawford, who sent it to me, and that painting just says it all to me. I look at that every single day; I am not separate. I hope that speaks to you. By the way, if you haven’t picked up our “Be The Change” Activation: www.thewideawakening.com in the upper right hand side…

Happy Earth Day!