“To actually have Awakened delicious love in your life, you must first believe it is possible. Are you open to allowing true love in? In all areas of your life? Can you feel the possibilities?”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: Jeannie Selda, 2017. Jennifer Hough and Adam Lamb

Dear You:

Okay, my lovely, get comfy. For this week we are doing a new kind of Activation, called a Future Portal Opening (this is something we do in all Get Out of Your Own Way™ programs) for the kind of love that’s possible when we Awaken. It’s straight from an entire Webinar we did just for you, around finding fluidity and transcending conflict in all relationships… see below; you’ll love it. Pass it on!

Why do we do these Future Portal Openings? If your body has not yet gotten used to the physical chemistry upgrade, and your mind cannot even conceive what it feels like to be living a future possibility, then it will be a tremendous struggle to have your dreams come true. Most people believe that there are paradigms and old patterns in the way of having your dreams become a reality. But actually, much of it is because we cannot even conceive physically, practically, or emotionally what it would be like to already be living in that new paradigm.

In this video, Adam Lamb, Jeannie Selda, and I share a very juicy Future Projection that will help you in both your life and your relationships, as we are excitedly putting together the upcoming Get Out of Your Own Way™ to Relationships That Rock.

Watch here…

With an open heart,