“When two people come together, 1 plus 1 equals 11
(if you’re willing to play in life that way).

Jennifer Hough

We are in this together, in ways that we cannot see. If we pay close attention, we can feel it to be true.

Last week during Flight School, there were so many different examples of how the group “did” each other, if you know what I mean. Although my ability to holographically see helps the container to keep in flow, the exponential results we saw were because each person truly leaned into the other as a group, like a microcosm of what is possible for the macrocosm of society. It was about the group coming together in the greater understanding of our connection, and then letting them/ourselves be facilitated by the love and passion of the collective human group and supporting cast in the “field.”

Well, not only did I see the benefit to everyone on our retreat (we continue to hear, “That was amazing,” from participants), but holy shmoly, did I reap the benefits myself! We found this place of beautiful flow, we transcended what was up to leave so that they could fly, and then they turned it all back on the Team and me. The participants facilitated our hearts, our passions, our callings, and the things that were up to leave for us!!!!! So grateful to complete the loop of generosity from consciousness.

I wonder what would happen if the world operated that way? What if we felt that certain ability to be alchemical, if we each knew that our voice mattered, if the environment of this world was conducive for each person to be in their genius? Oh, the exponential results!

There were so many other events that happened since last week’s Flight School; the full moon, the partial eclipse, the pleiadian light show. All of these events add up to an opportunity for perturbation of the old at a scale we’ve never experienced to this extent. Did you feel it?

You must remain open and curious, however, to really benefit from these opportunities. If one doesn’t understand one’s own Super Powers and the skills to thrive, these events can become overwhelming and we can miss the opportunity to make huge strides. Instead, before we learn the skills to thrive, we become disheartened or frustrated. It’s so unnecessary, though. We should all be able to make quantum leaps!

I haven’t had so much beauty and evolution come in such a short time, since I first started getting downloads. So incredible and so grateful. Can’t wait to pay it all forward in Thriving Operating System – Level 2. We are going to teach some of the very same Flight School Principles… woo hoo!

The results of all this? A newfound reverence, and a rebirthing of my resolve for how important this work is regarding thriving; it is so essential to the evolution of humanity.

That cellular knowing is at the basis of allowing my heart’s calling, regardless of insecurities, doubt, and all the bells and whistles that go along with being human. Yep, I feel those things, too, whenever I am being called to do something that’s new and inspires me. Right now I am writing a book that needs all of me and all of my attention. It’s bringing up that doubt and insecurity, not to mention the occasional overwhelm. Thank goodness I know how to reset myself, and sink back into my flow.

And thank goodness for you, oh courageous one, and my Team. You are always in my heart as I write.

I can feel where this work is going. I sense you are up for the ride. Tee hee. Let’s go!

So much love,


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