An important little (or big?) twist on giving thanks…

“When one receives appreciation through the heart without filters,
it will equally raise the vibration of the appreciator.

Jennifer Hough

A little upgrade on the idea of thanks this American Thanksgiving; a gift of appreciation from my heart to yours.

I did a video on Thanksgiving that was all about fine tuning your vibration, and upleveling your ability to be a powerful Creator.


  • Does it matter which word we use?
  • What happens when you don’t take appreciation in?
  • How we can effortlessly expand what is possible for the world just by making one little change in our relationship to appreciation.

Please absolutely pass it on, if you know it might help someone thrive in their life.

With love,

P.S. and Happy Thanksgiving holiday to my American friends… and many units of appreciation to our community around the world!

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You were not born to fit in with anyone else…

You were not born to fit in with anyone else…

I wanted to share with you how grateful I am to my colleague Shannon, for my new favorite question:

“What is the most fulfilling thing I can do, with the least amount of effort, that uses my abilities the most, while making the biggest difference and has me waking up inspired every day?”

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It never gets old!

It never gets old!

What a day full of rain showed me as I walked up to the top of a hill to do my daily evening practice…

Once I was at the top of the hill, I noticed in the distance were the mountains to the left and clouds that had spent a whole week here, were moving away. The sun was peeping through as it was going down. The rays of light were spectacular on the mountains.

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A little tree shaking…

A little tree shaking…

I used to be VERY teacher-like (my Mom was a teacher, so I come by it honestly).

I was just used to it; I never questioned being that way. However, I didn’t realize what it cost me, and that was MY POWER.

It put me above people. It looked as though I had it all handled, and I didn’t. As a result, I also attracted people who wanted to give their power away to me.

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