“Be vigilant for what you want more of, and more will come.
Jennifer Hough

In our Agents of Awakening Community, we are almost at the end of our 33 Days of Waking Up Inspired exercise, where we have been sharing daily our future Activations and what we are grateful for.

Today, I am so grateful for:

• Getting asked to be a part of a group of leaders, which is really humbling, and actually being neutral enough to feel whether it’s in the highest. No Ego involved. I love that!

• Being in connection with people whom I haven’t talked to in so long; old nutrition clients and so many special people… they just connected out of the blue!

• Listening to amazing scientists who completely support our work. Also grateful for people who are sending me amazing videos that only deepen my resolve for our work, like this one: Entangled Lives: Merlin Sheldrake.

• Finishing this book with my TEAM of friends, editors and fellow writers. OMG, what a process! I can’t wait to share it with you soon.

• A deeper symbiosis with the team, and the team’s being more deeply connected to their purposes. So grateful for our incredible Team at The Wide Awakening. I can feel that, because all of them are showing up fully in their geniuses, I am so supported in finishing this first of many books in a very long time.

What about you? What can you acknowledge from your last month? The more you acknowledge, the more you will be telling your greater wisdom that you want MORE! Let it rip! I want to hear!

With love,

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