Love is Generous, Infectious, and Creative | The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough

“When you let love guide your actions, you are also letting Consciousness guide your actions, as love and Consciousness are made of the same fabric.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: ©2017JeannieSelda.

Dear You:

In these times of great change, where there are so many catalyzing evens… where people seem very polarized and divided… we have a choice between feeling nothing at all, or taking all the energy of the catalyzing events and using them toward creativity, generosity, and being he change.

I know, for me, it’s the only way I’m able to cope with politics, or the banking system! LOL!

As I move forward in my relationship, when there is a potentially polarizing event, I am so aware that letting love win is a choice. And, there are things I do to make it a default, so that the choice doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

I decided a while back that I love the potential for my life, myself and my sweetie way too much NOT to do the work… Muah!

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With an open heart,