“Just imagine never being triggered by anyone or any relationship or any communication. Imagine being so clear and present that all the answers you need are right there, without drama. Imagine the peace that comes over you when you know in your cells all is well, it always was, and it always will be.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: By: Jeannie Selda, 2016 – “Solo Dancing”

Dear You:

As the United States celebrates July 4th, or what’s know as “Independence Day,” I thought about what is truly meant by “freedom,” “independence,” and “sovereignty”…

I was thinking about this in terms of relationships with others, ourselves, and the way our identities keep us locked in a jail where we cannot receive. What if we could relinquish the need to protect ourselves?

Safety does not mean freedom, it means survival.
Freedom actually means not only safety, but thriving in all aspects of your journey.

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With an open heart,