“Why stay in our heads to protect ourselves, when we can emanate love out and all around and transform anything.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: 2016 Jeannie Selda – Dancing

Dear You:

Shining your light doesn’t necessarily mean happiness, rainbows and Unicorns. Sometimes it means having very difficult conversations that may not look loving on the surface. Ultimately, integrity to your heart will always be calling you back home to the deeper truth, so you might as well have those tough conversations up front, because they will come back and bite ya in the butt.

Who you are is who you are. Sooner is so much more funner than later. Trust me on that one! Don’t you find that we are so unpracticed when it comes to being ourselves and letting it rip? Sometimes we are missing clarity, sometimes skills, but most times we are just simply missing courage.

Join me as we unpack what this means, for me, for you, and for your piece of the Puzzle of Heaven on Earth. Watch here…

With an open heart,