“Life is not about avoiding hurts. Life is about the freedom to enjoy every aspect, without limits.”
~ Jennifer Hough

SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well, it’s about going from the jail of protection, to operating from an entirely different paradigm. Up until very recently, all of us as humans have been living in a reality that has been dog-eat-dog. The perception has been that there is limited love, limited good people, limited resources, limited success, and so on. So we have, from this position of survival, operated from the strategies our heads/minds have figured out.

Nothing has been about leading from the heart, listening to our innate wisdom, or actually learning the language of consciousness. These would have embodied the skills necessary to actually change the very issues that caused us to protect in the first place. Imagine having the confidence, Clarity and ability to go ‘direct’ enough that you could end arguments and bring love to any situation. Imagine that you could know exactly what to do when it comes to a body that is feeling “off.” Then, imagine that you could feel exactly (I mean exactly) what your dog or cat is communicating, so you could assist. That you would never, ever let fear get in the way of your speaking in front of a group. And, finally, imagine knowing you can access the super powers that allow you to go beyond protection, and into having the confidence and clarity to dance with anything that comes your way.

OUR WORK AT TWA is to assist you in installing, embodying, and learning those Super Powers. With that, forever, we will see that we don’t need to get over hurts in order to fly; we can actually transmute them by embodying those super powers I just talked about. It’s the fast track. Please ask questions if it doesn’t make sense. It’s Awakening by Awakening, instead of going after the things that stop us, and developing the confidence to be who we really are. At the same time, we’re watching all the stuff we thought was important to address first, fade away as we realize it isn’t. We’ve just given it way too much energy.

With love, and if you have not seen our work, please consider doing the Innate Abilities Homestudy… so amazing.

Love and hugs,

The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough