“Are we waking up to ourselves, or are our “true” selves waking us up from within? What if that level of freedom, direct connection, and expansive prosperity has always been there; our birthright? What if it wasn’t so much work?”
~ Jennifer Hough

I love having philosophical conversations with my parents; they feel the shifts, too (how cool). I have a question, though: what if this is not something that we have to learn, what if it’s something we are being called to remember?

The way we have done it in the past is to excavate the beliefs that haven’t worked by trying to analyze them. What if we made the goal of our lives to re-remember our magnificence, which is more like exercising an atrophied muscle? Wouldn’t that mean that happiness was no longer somewhere to get, but rather imminent and right in front of our faces?

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting pretty old, analyzing the daylights out of my past, excavating old beliefs, and doing long processes to manifest things. I mean, after all, we’re either going to believe other people about who we are; or, simply remember that we were Infinite Wisdom’s idea!

Once I remembered that, all I wanted to do was play! Nothing left to prove. Yep, that’s why we teach what we teach.


The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough