“Identities develop in response to several things:
1) The perception that we need to protect ourselves from hurtful things that have happened in our past,
2) the need to fit in, or
3) wanting to be loved.
Give the gift this holiday season of the real YOU beyond your identities.”
~ Jennifer Hough

Dear You –

Have you noticed that those who are related to you tend to respond to you much like you used to be, or like their assessment of how you used to be? That can seem difficult when you know you have woken up so much. Have compassion when you don’t see certain people for a couple of months; they have every right to expect you to be your old identities. It’s not their fault you trained them about who you are. Ah, but it is within your power to re-train them with love!

Oh, and just a reminder: Like a Course in Miracles says, “What people do is either an act of love, or a cry for love.” Keep that in mind as you hang out with your family…


With love,


P.S. Knowing what to say, how to ‘go direct’ with instincts and find the deeper truth, is what 2016’s energy is all about.

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