“Thriving involves expanding into life while looking for blessings and how to contribute, instead of simply trying to avoid suffering by changing your circumstances.”
~ Jennifer Hough

I got food poisoning on my romantic trip in Maui (so did my sweetie). It was very, very, very yucky.

Leading up to the trip, I knew that life was asking me to slow down. Well, mission accomplished! So much space was created; space not filled with “to do’s” and agendas. There was just a lot of love and compassion.

We could have felt sorry for ourselves, but instead, we met some friends for dinner (where we ate nothing, but laughed our heads off), who told us about an amazing “witch doctor” (my name for him). What he shared with us, changed our lives regarding way more than just food poisoning.

Learning to see the threads of “yes-ness” requires using an unpracticed muscle. But it sure beats the alternative of spending your life fixing your perceived/illusionary brokenness, yes?


The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough