“Life changes when you make the goal heartfelt enjoyment, versus reaching expectations.”
~ Jennifer Hough

One of the places I see expectations arise is in “Flight School,”™ our year long program. What happens within that program is so much more expansive than what our eyes can see in 3D. The impact of insights and paradigm shifts discovered during the course of the program, plays out in all areas of the participants’ lives. Never do I see how much expectations can sabotage a perfectly amazing experience more than in this program.

This is a life changer. A goal should never be made with a built-in mechanism called, “if you don’t meet it, you should be upset.” Why do we set that goal in the first place? Because we think life will be better for achieving it. Now, if you just enjoy your life, using the goal as an excuse to go on an adventure, you will already have achieved the end result… and the unfolding journey becomes the cherry on top.

It’s a big one.


The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough