Wide Awakening Radio

The Awakening Message for 2016
Episode #172
Original Air Date: 1-6-16
This month’s radio show was essential listening to get prepared for the energies of “allowing yourself to fully be seen” this year.  Please listen a few times!

This call was all about giving you the tools, so your foundation for 2016 and every year after will be based on far less resistance.  It’s time for us all to thrive, but the body has to line up with thriving…..as it’s been lifetimes in survival.  This show will really assist.

3 Juicy Points from the Conversation:

  • We are from the one, but very unique expressions of the one….why that’s important to remember
  • Your reason for being is likely different than you think……and it’s important to know
  • An Upgrade reset for thriving at the end of the show

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