Photo By: Dingzeyu Li

“Having desires is built into the design of Human-ness. You deserve to have desires.
Of course, manifesting themis assumed because you are a Creator.”

Jennifer Hough

Just a thought this morning. Desire is a part of being human.I remember someone saying to me once, “But what about loving what is? And what about Buddhists who seek not to desire?”

My response is this: Buddhists desire not to desire… so that ended at the beginning.

Although it is a great start to love what is, and often very helpful to get over a past event, we were born to create upon creation. Period. We are Creator as an expression of greater Creation, with all of our unique characteristics, bells and whistles that give our journey its juiciness. It’s okay to desire.

Where it gets funky is when we get attached to that desire. Imagine that every heart’s yearning simply activates a cellular smile, and that opens you up to all of consciousness. That makes you vulnerable to the entirety of all that is!!!! Not only are you letting all of you out, but you are also letting all of what’s possible in!!!!!

Loving what is, is simply a tool when you are stuck, or a way to get to peace. But it is not the reason to wake up in the morning. It’s a respite from the craziness of the mind’s attachments, and a great way to rise to a higher frequency.

Because I (and you) were made as a microcosm of Creation, I love looking for places and areas that can be improved upon, or made more fluid; that is where all my good ideas come from!! This is where I love to play! I’m totally enjoying the view from my office window right now, with the mountainscape before me, and I love wondering what could possibly be better! I love that I cannot imagine anything better, and that I am open to every “or better” life has to offer. That is a life of miracles. That is one of the 24 aspects of the Thriving Operating System.

With love and hugs,

P.S. Oh, and the bee on the daisy was an “OR BETTER!” I didn’t even see him when I took the picture. I call those retroactive desires (they are the best), “OR BETTERS.”