Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“They wished their lives were anything but ordinary.”
Jennifer Hough

Janice woke up every day excited to dive into personal growth and development, while her hubby was more interested in staying stagnant and numbing his senses with alcohol.

Arlene craved a deeply loving relationship, but she’d outmanned every man she knew because she’d been sucked into the hamster wheel of success, lost touch with her femininity, and was running her life in the masculine testosterone zone.

Sue was highly intuitive but totally misunderstood by her family, her siblings were insanely jealous, which caused all kinds of turmoil growing up. This carried over into a codependent relationship with her daughter and landed her in a marriage to a narcissist.

When Sandy became a mom she lost her sense of adventure and tried to be the perfect mom, wife, and community member, even though her marriage was failing. She stopped saying “yes” to fun and started catering to everyone else.

While it might not seem like Janice, Arlene, Sue, and Sandy have anything in common, they each deeply craved healthy connections. They wanted to get off the hamster wheel, write a new book, not just a chapter; they were disconnected from personal satisfaction and felt isolated.

The sense of belonging is something that people who are drawn to my work crave. In fact, it’s normal! Nothing is wrong with Janice, Arlene, Sue, Sandy, or you, and there is a way out.

Each day they would ask themselves, “Where are my people?” Maybe you can relate…

Little did they know, their people were right around the corner.

With Love,


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