Awakening to a Deeper Truth…

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, November 18, 2015

“When you feel shaky and unstable, it often comes after Awakening to a deeper truth, which displaces old, well-rooted, sub-optimal ways of looking at life. Your entire biochemistry shifts in response. So it IS real, and you are not nuts.”
~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!)

Dear You,
Man, oh man, I have learned the hard way to understand how real these shifts are. I have had to have integrity in my process, my purpose, my heart, and ultimately with you (whom I love). I’ve had to cancel workshops, teleclasses, and to move dates in the last few years as shifts happen within me. Recently, we even cancelled two months’ worth of events that we were planning for November and December. That was hard to do, but every bone in my body knew it was the right thing, or I wouldn’t be able to fully show up for you, and my team, too!

Awakening occurs not only in your psyche, but also in your understanding and perspective. That shift in perspective affects your hypothalamus and, therefore, leads to an update in your biochemistry. It is very real. Have grace and, when your body asks you to relax, just relax.

Doing nothing is doing something. If you slow down when you are asked, the speeding up of your frequency will be exponential. Your entire body must shift to capacitate your higher frequency. Listen when life is telling you to “chill,” so that you can fly higher than ever before.

You, and all of us who are Awakening now, are the first in human history to experience a physical evolution without needing to die first. Enjoy it!


P.S. Resistance adds unnecessary drama. And hey, that’s an option, if you like that kind of thing. Let yourself live from a new expanded definition of integrity… we’ll understand!

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