“All there is, is LOVE!”

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, November 25, 2015

“When you find the people who love and adore your delicious, unique expression of Heaven on Earth, with all of its wonderful weirdness, that’s when you’ve found home. They don’t have to do anything but ‘see’ you, and that’s enough to give you the peace to fly forward!”
~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!)

Dear You,

Don’t you love your peeps? The ones who remember you even when you forget? The ones who “see” you? The ones who will work though all misunderstandings because they know that all there is in the end, is love?

Ahhh… soul family! Providing us with the environment of non-judgment and, therefore, the freedom to get on with creating.

And as for you:

• I wonder how many others for whom you could be that person?
• I wonder how many there are for whom you have already been this person?
• I wonder, if we all took on those characteristics, how much more Heaven we would experience together, beyond judgment?

Are ya catching my drift?


P.S. You are that for me…and I hope I can be that for you. It would be an honour.

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