From The Wide Awakening, June 17, 2015

“Wisdom will guide you in the perfect speed to dance with life. Ego will direct you to go full out, no matter what. Guess which way gets you to your dreams more quickly?”
~ Jennifer Hough Tweet Me!

Dearest You:

Your body is your greatest guide, your closest guide and your best friend. It never lies to you about whether you are going too fast, or making things too effortful: after all, every cell is connected through your DNA to Infinite Wisdom.

My back was hurting the other day while I was working on complicated web stuff, and it was hurting my brain as well… LOL! I just smiled and said “thank you” to my back. I took an hour to go for a walk. By disentangling, it left room for an Earth angel to step in, to resolve the whole issue, and to send me an email saying so while I was walking.

Sometimes, the wake-up calls look like things not going smoothly; sometimes they look like your body’s asking you to get a drink, and sometimes you can preempt all the drama simply by setting an alarm to check in and breathe and ask if what you are feeling is even yours!

I plead temporary insanity: I forgot everything happens ‘for’ me and not ‘to’ me. Even back pain.

Love and snuggles,

Jennifer xoxoxo

P.S. Don’t worry, the body whispers first… and it will slowly get a little louder ’cause it loves you. Screaming only happens when you’re occasionally stubborn (not that I would know anything about that), and other reasons, too, like not slowing down to listen… LOL!


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