From The Wide Awakening Weekly, June 11, 2015

Ready to paint your own canvas?

“Life’s hard when you approach it as though someone’s gonna give you a gold star when you get it right. What if it’s simply an endless canvas on which you have the privilege and freedom to create?”
~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet Me!)

Dear You:

I am in Heaven when I’m gardening (see the pic below). I was outside gardening the other day when Jeannie (one of our TWA team members) came out to talk, and she was saying that she would love to garden, but it seems like work to her… just one more ‘to-do’ on her list.

How to Not Work at anything

Jenn’s Garden.

How can this be, we asked, that it can be Heaven for me and work for her? I explained how I approach the garden as a painting, like art, LIKE A MEDITATION OF CREATIVITY… and we got it!

So, I’ve been writing a book that I’ve been looking at as ‘work’. I can feel how juicy it is, but I’ve been feeling it as a responsibility that I need to get ‘right’. Do you ever feel that way about your relationships, work, or places where you are diving into new territory?

The mind wants to say, “But I don’t know how to get it ‘right’, so I’m gonna be overwhelmed by one more responsibility”!

OH, SILLY EGO. The purpose of life is to enjoy it and to expand forward, creating upon what has already been created. By definition, that means you don’t even have to worry about getting it ‘right’. And how the Universe tells you that you’re trying to get it ‘right’ is that you feel overwhelmed and pressured. It’s redirecting you back to the adventure of the creation, so you can enjoy life again (kids, gardens, job, your body, relationships).

How do you shift? Consider that your life is an endless, ever more beautiful canvas, on which you have the privilege to paint… no matter which aspect of life we are talking about. Including taxes.

Love and hugs,


I put on a ball gown and play Katie Perry when I do taxes… just saying!

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If this resonates for you, maybe it will for your friends, too…