From the Wide Awakening Monthly, June 24, 2015

Wanna know how to get clarity? Sometimes it’s good to let go…

“Remember that deciding not to decide often makes way for Infinite Wisdom to show you the answers your mind could not have seen. Sometimes it’s good to let go.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

Dearest You,

Have you ever gotten impatient because you just wanted something to happen right now, because it seemed it was happening too slowly for your ego? Did you ever forget that the entire Universe is conspiring toward your most expansive delicious life?

Life is putting forth all these opportunities to help you exercise your “I have lots of cosmic help” muscle (also known as the “I’m not so well practiced at receiving from the Universe” muscle).  Ya know, just because your left brain can’t see the evidence, doesn’t mean your cells can’t feel the EARTH moving in your favour.

Hey, you’ll never know how loved you are until you just decide not to decide. Be a little “super-human” and put your attention on things that seem a little easier to act on… Wouldn’t it change your life to find out control is over-rated? Well, ya gotta let go of some for your brain to get the evidence that you are loved beyond your wildest dreams.


Jennifer xoxoxo
Isn’t it ironic that you might hafta get outta your own way a little to get out of your own way a lot? sigh…

P.S. Feel free to pass it on!