“What if your default way of being was to follow your Innate Wisdom with clarity and confidence?”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: By: Jeannie Selda, 2016 – Sunset, Tofino, Canada”

Dear You:

I still remember the day I decided that I was no longer going to be “Little Ms. Independent,” and try to do life all by myself. After all, being independent is a wonderful way of avoiding being judged or hurt… perceptively. Of course, my independence never prevented either of those things. Sheesh!

At some point I decided it was time to blow the doors off Creating. That life was truly about flying. The metaphysical tools we’ve received to assist in that flight have been crazy cool.

Join Adam Lamb and me in this amazing Activation, and see how to disrupt those old patterns that are keeping us from truly dancing in co-creation with the Universe!

Watch here….

With an open heart,