“It’s not about you. It never was. It never will be.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: 2016 Jennifer Hough – Bimini

Dear You:

Recently, I was watching someone whom I love and adore hold me in judgment; holding me responsible for something that was not working in their life. Have you ever experienced that?

I know that when I take something personally, it’s only because I’m judging myself for exactly what the other person is judging me about. Sometimes, it’s not even their judgment; it’s actually my interpretation.

All I know is that whatever is going on with the other person is about them. Just the same as whatever is going on with me, is about my past. In the end, if one of us can get to neutrality and compassion about ourselves or the other, we not only free ourselves, but that same compassion and love frees the other.

Join me as I share some insights into staying neutral, letting love win, and not letting anything take you off your path in flight!

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With an open heart,