Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Thoughts are simply the result of the beliefs you hold,
which ultimately reflect the paradigms that you live by.
If you understand the paradigm of how life works
more deeply from a science-based, practical approach,
and can have it make sense to your logical brain,
you won’t be able to entertain beliefs or
thoughts that supports your life of struggle.

Jennifer Hough

The laws of physics say:

“What you make important to you through your actions, words, and deeds will continue to show itself in your life.”

Suppose, the paradigm in which you are living your entire life is based on a flawed or incongruent fear, which is based on a collection of beliefs (aka a paradigm).

It will influence every event, person, thought, and interaction that you encounter. You walk around with that perspective in your DNA.

It’s a frustrating time to be alive if you look at the polarity around us, much of which currently is being caused by the polarity in the world. We don’t feel very together. In not feeling together, it can start to feel a bit hopeless.

One important scientific principle to understand for shifting our lives, and therefore the world, is Spin, Fractals and that we are One at some level of existence. Scientifically understanding the basis for this principle makes it a much more compelling concept. The meaning I found that was life-changing for me, and I hope it is for you as well, is…

If you were standing completely still, no matter how much you try, you would still be moving.

You see, everything in the Universe is constantly expanding on itself; changing, moving, and spiraling. You are immersed in an environment that is always moving and, as a result, is constantly creating upon itself.

That affects you, whether you like it or not. You are swimming in a soup of change; the environment for expanding forward in abundance is part of your subatomic structure. It’s part of the subatomic structure of anything in 3D. Imagine that is the natural way we are with each other.

We are in a constant state of creating upon what already exists and, if we pay attention, we can actually live a life filled with the joy of realizing “the new” all the time.

Instead of trying to make sure that our spirals don’t touch, it is foundational to nature and the way we operate. It is in our DNA to spin. Gosh, our DNA is a spiral!

We are not meant to go around in circles on the same plane. Spirals have outward or forward motion. It’s in our design on both the meta scale and the sub-atomic scale.

Our vision and mission at The Wide Awakening is based on the premise that we can shift entire paradigms, versus one belief at a time. This came from the understanding of these very scientific principles, ‘cause I knew I wasn’t the only one who wanted the facts behind the woo!

Grateful for this journey together!

With love,

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