It’s time for a little talk with your ego…

“All the density from your past, your ancestry, and your family that is coming up to leave is none of your business,” or at least that’s what life asked me to share with you as it calls you forward into your expansive experience of Awakening! It also shared that it will take care of the details, and to tell your ego, “It’s not that important.”
J. Hough (Tweetable)

Have you noticed the cosmic carwash you are going through lately? The call of life is so pure and intense as we awaken, that all of the old paradigms that you have held onto are now very hard to hold onto. Even if you try, life is bringing you opportunities to deal with them differently so that you can be truly free, though it may be occurring to you as drama.

The Cosmic Carwash works very well, if you don’t get out of your car and try to analyze the soap, contemplate the cleaners, or wrestle with the result.

How willing are you to receive? To let life take care of the density? To stop justifying your existence by proving you can analyze your past? So you might be a little scared of flying….. isn’t that why we’re in this together?

Sheesh, what if it were just that simple?

Ahhh, the end of drama…….
xoxoxo Jennifer

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