Does this topic fascinate you? Below is a list of the books that Jennifer recommends as her top 10 books for spiritual enlightenment. Enjoy the expansion! And… be sure to return to this page and leave your comments below.

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A New Earth - Top 10 Books for Spiritual Enlightenment(1) A New Earth, Eckart Tolle:
Tired of relating to people through pre-constructed roles? Tired of being unhappy and then using that unhappiness as your primarily raison d’etre? Do you wish that underneath your substantial ego was a strong sense of self-knowledge and self-worth? Do you compulsively reiterate your misery tale to yourself and everyone else? Are you a human being?? It’s a wonderful book.
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Savor Top 10 Books for Spiritual Enlightenment(2) Savor, Thich Nhat Hanh:
I read this recent Oprah interview with the Zen Buddhist master and before that I was ignorant of Thich Nhat Hanh’s existence. I was totally taken with him. Say what you will about religion in general, but I’ve always been fascinated in Eastern philosophy. This man’s positive energy can practically be felt just by reading the interview. I’m excited to get my hands on Savor, his recent book about mindful eating.
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Top 10 Books for Spiritual Enlightenment Discover the power within(3) Discover The Power Within You, Eric Butterworth:
This is one of Oprah’s favorites (good old Oprah!) and I’m partial to it, too. Like Tolle, it’s about discovering the abundance within you and finding your true self, without any ego attached.
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The Authenticity Hoax Top 10 Books for Spiritual Enlightenment(4) The Authenticity Hoax, Andrew Potter:
Do you think that being “extra authentic” (i.e. eating organic,  using non-toxic paint and staying at an eco-resort, buying bamboo flooring,) will cure all that ills you? This book will change your mind. Potter argues that our desire for authenticity is what makes us unhappy in the first place. Potter is out to score points against lefties but his hypothesis sure contains food for thought, according to May’s issue of The Walrus.
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Solitude Top 10 Books of Spiritual Enlightenment(5) Solitude, Robert Kull:
I don’t know about you but my back up plan is still to be a cave-dwelling Zen master (or at least booking one of these silent retreats listed in Toronto Life.) Patagonia calls to me for that reason! I love to seeking wisdom in extremes, so one year alone in the Patagonia Wilderness is highly attractive. The subject of the story is an amputee, and he manages to live off and island not too far from Chile for an entire year! Amazingly powerful!
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The Biology of Beliefs Top 10 Books of Spiritual Enlightenment(6) The Biology of Beliefs, Bruce Lipton:
One of the best books on how the mind affects the genetics that I have ever read.…..If the topic sounds fascinating, I also highly recommend his DVD even more.
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Power vs Force Top 10 Books of Spiritual Enlightenment(7) Power Vs. Force, David Hawkins:
If you’ve not read it yet, read it. It’s about time. Pun intended.
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The Four Agreements Top 10 Books of Spiritual Enlightenment(8) The 4 Agreements: Don Miguel Ruiz:
A beautiful metaphor for what we are going through right now and sheer genius. Remember to interpret his idea of integrity as integrity to your heart…….it’s an upgrade on what he says…..have your words be in integrity with your heart…..that way integrity to your word will be inevitable. I am endlessly grateful for having read this book.
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The Knight in Rusty Armour Top 10 Books for Spiritual Enlightenment(9) The Knight in Rusty Armour, Robert Fisher:
Seriously, this book is hilarious………poignant and another solid book of sheer genius. You can read it in one night, and be so happy you did. You can order a copy from us, here, at It’s inexpensive, super easy to read and will have you crying and laughing all together.
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Eat Pray Love Top 10 Books for Spiritual Enlightenment(10) Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert:
There’s a reason this book profoundly impacted people all over the planet. Great book, great movie.
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Oh, what the heck! I can’t keep it to just 10 – here are 3 more books of Spiritual Enlightenment that I love!

Illusions Top 10 Books of Spiritual Enlightenment(11) Illusions, Richard Bach:
This book is one of my all-time favorites that I reach for again, and again.
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(12) Proof of Heaven, Eben Alexander
Proof of Heaven Top 10 Books of Spiritual EnlightenmentThis book is a combination of  a scientific look at our brain, an expansive experience of copiousness, combined with a powerful story, told by a neurosurgeon.
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Countdown to Coherence Top 10 Books for Spiritual Enlightenment(13) Countdown to Coherence, Hazel Courtney
One of the most comprehensive looks at consciousness there is. Hazel is a brilliant interviewer and one of the most wonderful channels I know. Make sure you read this must have book.
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