“Doing nothing is doing something.”
Jennifer Hough

You know how sometimes out in the world, or in your world, you feel things are transitioning. You are unfamiliar with where you are headed, and the ground underneath you feels shaky.

With Covid on the rise, it can feel hopeless.

Society seems more polarized than ever, and we don’t yet know how to build that bridge. It can feel scary to sense the degree to which people want to fight to be right.

We know there is injustice, which is more evident than ever before, but the journey to get to congruence with each other seems so epic. It can feel overwhelming.

When we go through times of transition and nothing feels like it has landed, it is time to slow down and integrate with what is being asked for, personally and collectively. The polarity or contrast you sense creates immediate solutions in physics. The solutions are already created.

Our job is to look at our lives, look at the pieces of your relationships that are not yet at peace. Then forgive/communicate; look at the areas in which we need to create systems and update them; look at what needs to be simplified and clear that shelf/closet/team; and make sure we are ready for the next wave of creativity by having the people around you who can support the “here we go” of it all.

It may seem like you are doing nothing, or very little. But you are doing something by getting ready to receive all that we have birthed through the contrast. The solutions will only be seen when we are ready.

Sometimes, when there is big change, you will have a shift in the degree of intuitive wisdom you bring through; this can feel a little depressing because it’s like losing a team of friends. Don’t spend time in worry, even though that sense of emptiness feels strange; just spend energy welcoming in your new realms of wisdom.

This year is going to be a huge year for creativity and doing better in relationships, business, and with each other.


With love,