“There is only a We-niverse.”
Jennifer Hough

I was speaking to a client the other day about what is going on in the world, and why there is so much polarity, or “US versus THEM.” She asked why there was so much fighting among us and how do we solve it? I have wondered the same thing… How do we end the polarity in the world?

You may think that it is about right versus left, or every man for himself, versus community living, or industry versus saving the planet. But it is not just one of these things. In order to make a shift that works, it must include every one of us.

This audio is from the conversation I had with my client. We talk about the larger issue, which is humans becoming imbalanced individually and collectively. For instance, the masculine (”accomplishment and material based”) aspect of us has become more important than the feminine (”instinctual, inclusive and sustainable”) aspect of us. Our individual survival has become more important than our mutual thriving. Our fear-based protective measures take precedence over our ability to create solutions that impact everyone. We are askew right now… and it can change.

As we began to give our power away to those who would use their masculine aspects to push, force and take power, the feminine for many of us has become submissive. The feminine hasn’t spoken up because systems are not made to give that aspect of us a voice. But that is no excuse. At this point, it is essential for our cultural and individual evolution, to have compassion and creativity inform or work in partnership with the drivenness to accomplish.

The third entity beyond masculine (doing) and feminine (intuitive/compassion) is letting love and wisdom drive our actions.

There is so much more joy in letting love and wisdom win, versus allowing any “side” of an argument to win.

Give a listen to this activation HERE.

With love,
Jennifer xoxo