Time to stop judging: our journey is miraculous!

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, October 21, 2015

“We see the sprouted acorn as miraculous as the
mighty oak tree, and so is every stage of growth
in between. The oak told me that it sees your life
the same way, and was wondering if you did?”

~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!)

Dear You,

I love oak trees. My parents have a summer cottage, and the whole island is full of them. New trees come up every year: I saw them as acorns the year before.

I started collecting the acorns and planting them; even though the beavers ate quite a few saplings, that didn’t stop me! Nor did the oak trees that were generating more and more every year.

Strength, relentlessly seeking more light, growing in perfect harmony with the environment, and taking one for the team where needed. Gorgeous, to top it all off!

Oh, I was talking about you… not the oak tree. Ya, okay, an oak tree is like that too.

With Love,
Jennifer xoxo

P.S. Hey, you don’t judge the oak tree for being a sapling or an acorn, and the oak tree is excited for the adventure of seeing how much beauty it can plant on this earth… aren’t you? Hug a tree… just saying!

If this resonates for you, maybe it will for your friends, too…


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