Are you leading the change or caught in the drama? Remember, you have trained people how to treat you.

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, October 29, 2015

“Frustration with someone who does not see you as
you are after you’ve changed is understandable.
Remember, you have trained people how to treat you.
The degree to which they hold onto the old version
of you is proportionate to the degree they feel they
have lost you forever. Accordingly, address yourself,
and them, with compassion.”

~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!)

Dear You,

What is it that hurts when those around us don’t fully “see” us? Is it that we want to be seen and, therefore, to belong? Is it that we need family members to validate and acknowledge our “okayness”? Or…

Is it that we are witnessing the pain of forgetting “who we are” that has been embodied in those around us and it’s hard to be with? Not to mention the collective pain of the ancestry, culture and history that got us to the point where we even could forget?

Here’s the good news…

Human beings are wired for fluidly, to create and to expand Heaven in their lives. As soon as we relinquish the need to carry the pain of the world, your world and their world, others will stop relying on you to make them happy, or stop blaming you for their unhappiness.

Then, they will finally have the door opened to be truly happy… and you will most certainly find true freedom.

With Love,
Jennifer xoxoxo

P.S. A hint: None of this is about you. It’s about the Awakening of humanity. Either you are leading the change or caught in the drama. Which do you choose?

If this resonates for you, maybe it will for your friends, too…


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