From The Wide Awakening Weekly, June 25, 2014

Truth be told…

“Feed your cellular knowing and your ego’s doubts will starve.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

Ever doubt your feelings about what’s happening around you? As though your circumstances and those of the people around you are shifting, or acting up, or being different than what you would wish for or expect?
The best way to experience all of it is by saying what is true for you, completely from love.

When we hear ourselves speak the truth from every cell of our being — how we feel, what we wish, or where we’re at — it feeds our knowingness and gives us the confidence to fly… and our doubts become far less scary. Your doubts about life, about others and mostly about yourself are just your ego’s attempt to protect what doesn’t need protecting. When you laser beam your magnificence out into the world, it breaks apart so much density that you wouldn’t want it any other way.

With Love,

Jennifer xoxoxo

P.S. You are the change… and, oh! Being that way is also a lot simpler. Just sayin’…

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