This message comes as the result of a recent conversation spurred by last week’s Awakening Message about whether pain is necessary to Awaken.

In a time of great Awakening, it is a dance between us and the Universe. When we are asleep, sometimes it serves (when Infinite Wisdom looks at what is in the highest, considering our other dimensions of self) to have a monstrous tree-shaking experience that is very uncomfortable. The variables as to why it happens the way it happens are most often beyond our little (with respect) pea brain’s comprehension.

In our short Awakening emails to everyone I know, there is often not enough room to explain the context, but know that with whatever I share, there is always a much bigger picture, which one starts to experience much more deeply through the programs that we do.

After tens of thousands of people’s extraordinary journeys together in Get Out of Your Own Way, and in light of the consciousness that reveals itself in each of those magical journeys, I must share that it is ultimately our Higher Selves (us, but bigger) that bring to us the Awakening experiences that are in our highest. It is not our conscious minds that do so.

We all asked for the journey of Awakening that would get us there in the highest combination of grace and speed. We asked, not from the place of any part of ourselves that we are aware of, but rather from our Higher Selves’ place of connection with All That Is.

For many of us on this journey, however, we have mostly been asleep to that aspect of ourselves; we have not experienced our Higher Selves in totality, at least not in a direct, conscious way that we would recognize. Sometimes, to the part of ourselves that we think of as us—that part that is so small compared to the totality of who we are—the experience of Awakening seems painful.

Sure the “part of us that we are aware of” can choose, and if we are stubborn, we can even limit our Awakening to only that which this “part of us that we are aware of” would like to experience… or even thinks is in our highest.

But that is the mind. What is truly in the highest for us, however, is what we choose with the entirety of our Self… and much of that the mind will not be aware of.

If we allow the entire Universe to serve us, what is ‘in the highest’ will come. Our job then is to dance with that, as it will set us upon a journey that is exponentially more delicious, expansive and conducive to each of us being our own piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth that we came here to be.

Now, think about the ultimate reason why we would even go through this Awakening: So we can get to a place of great flow… so we can Create upon Creation as we were designed. We have been so caught in the paradigm that the purpose of life is to grow, that we have forgotten the actual purpose. Which is…??? Perhaps, maybe, kinda, it just might be… to live the adventure in great, expansive deliciousness, without judgment for the journey, and dancing with all of Creation while expanding and Creating upon that very Creation.

We forget what this Awakening is leading to, and that is a world and a life without the necessity for polarity and pain. Now, we still have free will, so you can still go there if you wish.

The purpose of life in this lifetime is to become who we really are. That is why we teach Innate Abilities… because in those Innate Abilities we get to experience the piece of the puzzle of Heaven that we are. Ultimately, we do not have to live polarized experiences once we are Awake. The idea that we have to live in polarity and pain has simply been a result of the density’s insidious illusion that it must continue.

Make room for the possibility that we are headed to a place far beyond the need to have “hard lessons.” Make room for the possibility that we can simply go direct with consciousness… and then the “need” for painful learning experiences disappears.

So, in our most recent Awakening message, the intent was not to share that Awakening through expanding is the only way; rather, it was to point out that most people don’t consider that it can be the way we were designed—that is, that it’s possible, once we are all Awakened, that pain won’t be necessary in order to learn.

No, we are not there yet, but the Global Awakening is accelerating.

With love and appreciation for your journey,

Jennifer xoxoxo


Jennifer Hough & The Wide Awakening Team


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