You know, abundance is a funny thing. I remember so well when I was $34K in debt in my 30s, and didn’t know how I was going to make ends meet. I truly thought the issue was not working hard enough, or not knowing enough about how money works.

So much has changed since then.  I don’t even think that money is about abundance, or vice versa.  Do you?

It has served me so well to simply separate the two subjects completely.

Today, after an incredible group gathering with those in our “Soar” program, it was clear to me that abundance took the form of connection to each other, and connection to our greater wisdom. It was so abundant and my heart was so full.

That’s an example of abundance.  Money is just money. It is its own entity.

But, let me just say that training my brain to be vigilant for awesomeness aligns me with awesome abundant ideas regarding money… and other subjects.

So, abundance and money are related, just not the way I used to think they were.

Hope that puts a freeing twist on your thinking today… be vigilant for abundance… more will come.

Big hugs,



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