Okay, I just had to share this awareness with you, because it changed my life… just saying! If you are someone who ever gets a little frustrated like I used to, this one’s for you.

Many years ago, when I would see people flying forward with ideas/dreams I had had, or getting into shape when I knew I should be going to my pilates classes, but wasn’t, I would be so annoyed and frustrated at myself. Ugh.  

Then, just to make it a little worse, I would judge that I was getting frustrated. Have you ever done that? My head would say stuff like, “Jennifer, you know what to do to get on with it; you shouldn’t be frustrated, so just get off your butt and do it, silly.”  Not helpful.

In one of my crazy “Wakened Dream” states, something came to me, and maybe this will help you. Here’s the abridged version of what I heard/felt/saw to get me off the hamster wheel:

“You are being called forward. Get excited if people around you are doing, having or being something related to what you have dreamt! Life is magnetic. If you are seeing those people all around you, it means your magnetics are shifting and you are getting closer. We call this “Divine Frustration.” The greater part of you can feel exactly where you are inevitably headed, and the same thing you call Frustration is actually your Higher Self’s excitement interpreted through your 3-D body.”

As a little prezzy (that’s my Dad’s language for present), the next four weeks we are opening up THE QUINTESSENTIAL, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, AWAKENING TOOLS, one (1) class at a time, to watch at NO CHARGE, so you can open up your world and transcend doubt and frustration.

What is divine frustration?  

Before you got to this planet, you lived lifetimes, you developed skill sets, and you developed expertise around your gifts. Divine Frustration has to do with this part of your experience as a human; I talk more about this in the F*R*E*E class I am just giving you.

Here’s how it works… every week, for the next four (4) weeks, we are sending you a class from

  1. These classes are only available to you for five (5) days… so, you have to pay attention and listen before the week is up. We have created a product around this series that will be put in our store, after five (5) days.
  2. In Week 1, “Transcending resistance on our journey forward” is available here: https://youtu.be/tC_Ni6OYSCQ until Sunday October 7th.
  3. Next week, we’ll give you Week 2: “The new science of getting on with your purpose by ‘going direct’.”
  4. In Week 3, it’s “The top five shifts in the way we shift, and understanding Divine Frustration.”
  5. In Week 4, we will be giving you a little bonus class… about Universal Sadness. It is a powerful and clarifying class! So good.

Love and hugs to all!


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