Have you ever felt “divine dissatisfaction?”  I have. At first I thought it was just frustration until I realized that if I can see the dream of what is possible, then consciousness has already created it, along with the thousands of pathways for it to take form.

I’ve also felt insecure. I soon realized, however, that insecurity only happens when I act like I am alone, without any greater Wisdom. Gosh, I should feel insecure without all that brilliance in my awareness!  

All of a sudden, I became aware that all of these “human” feelings were up for reinterpretation from a higher perspective.

In this Activation, we talk about how I personally redirect myself back to flow by remembering that my human definitions hold me back; however, when I look at feelings from greater wisdom, they are actually informing me powerfully of a deeper truth.

Enjoy, and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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