“If ever there were a time to be grateful, now is it. Events that cause contrast also cause leaders to be born.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Well, here we are this week, celebrating the US Thanksgiving. No matter where you are in the world, it’s an excellent excuse to switch gears in your mind. Why? Because, most certainly, we could notice every little (and big) thing that is out of sync with what our heart believes to be congruent, kind and true. We could… if we thought it would help.

On the other hand, events that rock our world (whether political, economic, or otherwise) are also echoes from consciousness, showing us the truth of where humanity is. These events cause us to make choices, and catalyze Awakening. Every program we do at TWA is about coming into your leadership, by living out your piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth with confidence and clarity. Why? Because if you are sensitive enough to feel the incongruencies in the world, then you are part of the shift. Which means it’s time to shine, speak, act, and jump into the life that’s been waiting for you. Your unique expression of Creation matters more than you think. I know, sometimes it seems hard to get on with that vision for your life, as I’m sure you can feel the crazy ups and downs within your body. I’ve become more sensitive than ever… and for me, it’s been time to step up as well, and let go of any “me, me, me… how come the world is not going the way I want?” The answer is: because I am the change for the very things I see that are out of sync. And so are you. And the tools, Innate Abilities, support and assistance is right in front of us. In fact, it never left.

Watch the video from that standpoint, and I am sure it will sink in deeply….

Wishing you and yours open-hearted gratitude for all the crazy catalyzing events; and the courage to be the change that you want to see….

With an open heart,


The Remembrance of Who We Are

Hi there, it’s Jennifer again!

Listen, last night I went to this amazing movie, I’ll tell you more in another Wide Awakening about the amazing movie, it was “Dr. Strange”… but, what came to Adam and I as we were talking about movies last night; it became extraordinarily clear that there are so many things that happen for us, to assist us in Awakening, that just a conversation would not do it… or just hearing in someone’s audio tape would not do it.

We were surrounded, were infused, with the rememberance of who we are. I remember watching “Tomorrowland”, and I remember near the end of that movie, I’m not going to give it away, but you should watch it if you haven’t seen it… In “Tomorrowland”, though, the message at the end was, ‘We’ve been trying to send you so much contrasts… we’ve been trying to show you all the painful things through television and other means… and we can’t believe that it hasn’t catalyzed you to shift, or to change.’ And, “’nuff said”, but… it’s a powerful message, and something major happens… you know, right at that point, which I’m not going to share with you, if you haven’t seen it. But, “Tomorrowland” is all about the people that are being called up, for instance, you’ll recognize yourself… all the people with that sense of urgency.

Then, last night, we were watching “Dr. Strange”, and I’m thinking of “Interstellar”, as well… where there’s this message about time, and gravity, that says that you don’t really have to… you don’t… well, WE don’t really have to do anything linearly, there are waves that transcend the rules that actually have things happen at exponential speed. There are waves that transcend what we think are the Laws of Physics, or The Universal Laws… and we, as Creators, actually get to bend those rules, we get to create upon the rules that have already existed.

So, our work here at The Wide Awakening is not to tell you about the Laws of the Universe, our work here is to have us Awaken to the fact that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for… and we get to create the paradigms that tie all those dimensions together, such that we can create upon Creation in a way that we’ve never, ever done before. So, these movies provide access to that knowing-ness… that love transcends every dimension, which is why it’s so powerful… that gravity does that… time is just a construct… they’re so… those metaphors reach out into every area they possibly could in consciousness, come back into this dimension, and deliver stories that, if you let them… movies like “The Matrix” and “Avatar”… if you let them affect you, you’ll start to feel what’s possible and you’ll start to feel that it’s not just a movie.

So, I wanted to share that with you, so that when you watch those movies, you open yourself to what else is available. So, “thank you”, to all those authors that reached into the confines of their imaginations, and James Cameron, George Lucas, and all the other geniuses that brought those movies to life… and to all of you for being smart enough to know that, you know, you can plug your little tail into any entity you want, and you don’t have to live in your ego. You don’t have to, you can actually be flying on a dragon in moments, because, you’re the one that’s at the cause.

Alright, Adam and I are movie fanatics, just wanted to tell you! And it’s for good reason!

Until next time everyone, Happy Wide Awakening! [Blows kiss]