“You can go after your demons, or you can rise above them. Are you willing to leave behind the safety of how you’ve freed yourself in the past to go Direct with Consciousness, into the land of ‘not knowing’?”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Rise Above

Dear You:

“Everyone has demons…” We’ve heard it said, we know our experiences, and we’ve looked at different methods for fighting those so-called demons.

It takes so much less effort to upgrade your biology, so that you live in a higher frequency and, therefore, transmute the old dense demons without the fight. When we embody our superpowers and start to ive in a different frequency, expanding our Corpus Callosum and using more of our brain, we can transmute those lower-frequency demons on the fast track without addressing them one at a time.

Change the energy… Watch here…

With an open heart,


Rise Above Your Demons

Hey, you! It’s Jennifer here! This week’s message is a result of my Sweetie and I going to see the movie, “Dr. Strange”… it was so good, SO good… I hope you get to go and see it.

I love movies, because they create a living metaphor that has so many tendrils and bring you into your imagination, so you can reach into the other dimensions. Because, for me, imagination is not in your mind… imagination is an access point to other dimensions that already exist. In other words, it’s another reality… not another reality that’s in your brain, that you conjured, but actually, another reality that exists in consciousness. Just think about that for a second: so, when you’re watching a movie, you’re tapping into someone else’s version of consciousness, but what it’s doing… is for a couple of hours, it’s triggering you out into the Cosmos, expanding upon where you’ve already been.

So, what I loved about “Dr. Strange” is… I loved so many things… but, there was a quote, and the quote goes like this, “You don’t defeat your demons, you rise above them.” And, I mean, that was just one part in the middle of the movie, and it was when… let’s say an ancient teacher… I think she was called “The Ancient One”… was assisting Dr. Strange to evolve. And, so, what I wanted to share about that is: What excites me about the work we are doing is that we’re all about getting non-linear results. We just really don’t care about analyzing, or excavating, or doing energy work for… or any of that stuff… although all that stuff happens in the process, because this world is ready to Awaken.

What we’re looking at is how do we… what I’m looking at… what the Collective and I are looking at, and what I’ve been called to my whole life, is NOT “how do we go after those demons?” Just think about how much we’ve all spent time going after those demons. But, in fact, how do we embody our superpowers… which is what that entire movie is about… kind of like the movie, “Lucy;” you know, what that whole movie is about is embodying the superpowers that have us be able to go to higher frequencies. What’s missing from this quote about demons though? It’s that you do start to… live… in an entirely different frequency; but you don’t rise above being human. It’s better than that; it’s better than the movie. The result of embodying yourself is that your demons will start to transmute themselves.

What happens when you take all those superpowers that are waiting for us in the 12-Dimensions of DNA, and you upgrade your Junk DNA, and start to expand your Corpus Callosum, so that you’re more fully integrated, and you use more of your brain? What happens is, you now… one of your superpowers… you now have the capacity… one of those superpowers gives you the capacity, to actually transmute those so-called demons… those lower-frequency demons. So, in other words, you change the energy of them, you shift them into the light, like a little “Gremlin”… another movie… the Gremlin comes into the light and the Gremlin disappears; it no longer has form, and it changes to some other form. And so, what we get to do is, we get to do the same.

I know for many of you, you’ve probably done some our work… if you haven’t… then, oh my gosh, I would love you to come and do our work! But, in the meantime, just opening the portal to that that’s possible, and that… as we upgrade… we can transmute thousands of those so-called demons at a time. Just knowing that that’s possible is an opening of a portal, in and of itself.

So, if you’ve worked with us before, I’m so glad, and let’s keep going, let’s keep integrating. And if you haven’t… gosh, it’d be SO great to see you on January 10th! We’re doing a Free Webinar, all about “living in your expansive flow,” and actually, what it takes to transmute the old paradigms, thousands at a time.

You can go to www.TheWideAwakening.com/GetOutIntro to register for that; you do have to register, but it is entirely free. Bring a friend; we’re going to have an amazing conversation and, in the meantime, I hope this… you can feel the opening in your body, in your multi-dimensions, from this message today.

Okay, until next time! [Blows kiss]