An Acorn Doesn’t have to Try to be an Oaktree – That’s Nuts!  

Awakening 101

(As reposted from an article I wrote in the November 2013 issue of THE EDGE)

Imagine for a moment that you are an acorn.  You’ve been percolating on a tree branch for some time, hanging out, experiencing all the juicy wisdom of a 300-800 year old oak tree through it’s glorious life juices that nourish you.  Then one day, through some divine act of infinite wisdom, you are launched from that branch, to be planted firmly on physical ground.

Seems a bit harsh at first, but you’re up for it.  The sun shines (no effort), the rain falls (still no effort) and all of a sudden you find yourself both reaching upward to the sky and downward to into the nourishment of the earth.  You’ve never done it before, however, it seems quite instinctual….and fortunately for you, you don’t have a brain or ego to analyze the life out of the journey, so you simply do what is there to be done…..go on the journey.  You are off on an adventure that you did not consciously plan, nor do you have any idea which way the wind will blow, the branch will grow, nor the animals that will come to nestle in your boughs.  You dance directly with what life brings you, there is no contemplation, only the full engagement in the journey……. No judgment, after all it would take you out of the magical flow of Creation in action.  What could be more exhilarating, fascinating, expansive than that?

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